Space is cool

space is pretty cool, but when you really think about the vastness of it it’s kinda terrifying

there are stars and solar systems that are not contained into a galaxy, imagine living there, it’d be scary, we have a galaxy to call home, but those civilizations? they have nothing, only a star and their planets, billions of light years away from any other star

i really like space , there are certain things about it that can be really scary though . .like black holes

Astronomy may be my favorite subject in science, it’s just so interesting for all the activities that occur in space that we will never witness in our lives.

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Space is confusing, but I still find it interesting nevertheless.

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Simply contemplating the fact that our galaxy, which spans 1,000,000,000,000,000 kilometers across, is still dwarfed by the local group, which it is a part of, which in turn is sidelined by the enormity of super clusters which in turn is rendered obsolete by the complete and utter vastness of what is an ever-expanding universe is enough to melt the brain of any mortal.

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Space can make music

That’s cool

You ever listened in on the sounds of Jupiter at night on your radio? I still haven’t.

Because it isn’t mainstream yet

I remember it was this very video which got my interest in space.

The Big Dipper: The first constellation I distinctly remember seeing. IT’S SO BIG!

As for other things, stars are fascinating. They are massive enough to attain nuclear fusion. That, friends, is nuclear. YEAAAAAH!

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Scientists have found bacteria from space. You guys realize this technically means aliens are real right? It’s a bit of a stretch, but hey, Bacteria counts as life.


I’d be very interested to see a citation because, for me, bacteria certainly isn’t a discount alien life form.

Umm…I don’t what book I read (might have been a Ripley’s). But I did google it before I posted. There are results for it.

Universe is everything, its superiour to us puny mortals.


Need something to be cooler.
Add space.
Litterally, the thing will become frozen so long as it is not in the path of sunlight.


I don’t know much about space, but Binary stars (And multiple sar sytems) seem cool…


I love the fact that by only looking at the light that the star emits we can be sure what temperature it is, the size it is, the age, the amount of light it emits, and if its able to support life…all that just by analysing its light.


and I thought it was hard to learn the song in spanish

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And on top of that, what the star is made of by looking at how the light splits in an instrument called a spectrometer.
Ahh… Astronomy is so cool.

everything in this universe is made of the exact same thing but everything is different, that should blow your mind