Space is cool

Hey guys, Space is cool! Let’s talk about space!

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I agree

I like space.


for me, space is cool because it is unknown, just like our seas and oceans.
I want to get any sign of life on other planets


At 3 kelvin (-270 Celsius), yeah I’d say it is pretty cool.

I should note this would only apply in any place reeeeaaaally far away from objects, which is still a lot.


~[-273,14 celsius] is the coldest temperature in the universe

I’m personally a fan of Space Elevators. The idea of making space travel so commonplace that you could go on a vacation to a space station really appeals to me. I hope I get to see it in my lifetime.

Space is indeed cool, I remember in 3rd grade being so fascinated with all the planets in our solar system and wanting to learn everything there is to know about them.

Space is dangerous.



It sure is, but quasars are also incredibly fascinating.

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Yeah, but their cousins are equally terrifying.


Even more terrifying I would say, at least you can see the quasar.

I’m doing astronomy and it is so fascinating. :slight_smile:

Space is cool.


What are all y’all’s favorite constellations, while on the subject of space? Mine is Orion, because it’s the most noticeable where I live.

Y’all have never heard of planet X, haven’t you all?

Isn’t that the supposed planet that was meant to counter-balance the earth’s orbit or something like that? Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong thing.

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it’s an hypothetical planet which size is 10 tines earth’s and it is supossed to orbit the sun in like 20,000 years or something like dat

Space can kill you three different ways.

Anything that can kill you three different ways is not cool in my book.

I fail to see the appeal of the largest swaths of literal nothingness in existence.

Now if space were inhabited, there’s a different story. And soon people will find proof that of other life.

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A car can kill you a million different ways. Are cars not cool?

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a bionicle can kill you, bionicle is cool