Space Lord Makuta ( A Makuta Moc Contest WIP)

This is my entry for the Makuta Moc contest. I seriously need contructive criticism before i finalize it. So tell me what you like, don’t like, and what needs to be worked on on this moc.
(I had to put it on a turntable because it’s fairly heavy.)

Size comparison


the legs look really messy and cobbled together, as does the torso and the arms.

the tail is too thin,

and the pearl gold looks really out of place.


Unfortunately I have to agree with Sammy…


The usage of parts looks very random, as if a hundred ideas tried to take form at once.

The textures clash, and the legs look very spindly. I also question the inclusion of a cape…


It looks kinda awkward, but I can’t complain about the back.

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Pretty much all I needed to say.
And it would be a better idea to make a smaller Makuta, somewhere larger than UtD to keep it from getting messy or awkward looking.


Pretty much what everyone else said. Pretty gappy and not a lot of flow or cohesion. Also he doesn’t look very Space Lord-y…


My question for everyone who commented (thank you): How do you propose that I fix the legs?

The lower legs could be refined a bit, but I think you may need to completely restart to the upper legs. They need to be shortened and thickened.

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could you have a full view of each body part (leg, arm, torso, wings)?

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The whole thing looks a bit cluttered, but is nonetheless impressive in scale.

Also, gasp It’s a Skrall shield! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sure. I can get that up tomorrow.

He looks really cluttered and messy… however… it looks (to me at least) like it came right out of a sci fi horror movie or so. Not the best build but good appearance. ^^

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Here’s the closeup pictures. Some minor fixes have been made to makuta.

Arm shots

Leg shots

Back shot

Wing pics

Makuta’s mug

I meant the parts disconnected from the rest of the MOC.

in these, I can’t tell what’s arm and what’s leg.

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Oh. We’ll you’ll have to wait for tomorrow for those. Sorry.

Here they are.
Misc body parts:



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the legs need beef to them.

they’re way too thin.

the wings look cobbled together in a bad way.

the arms look fine.

can we have a shot of the torso w/out limbs or the phasma cape?

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I don’t know. I really don’t plan on changing the torso at all.

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still, the torso looked cluttered as hell.

i at least want some independent shots to isolate the problems.

and to expand upon the legs,

the lower legs are really thin, along with the upper legs. they need beef both back, and a little outward.

Make it look like they can hold his weight up, and, possibly, be able to kill an entire small village by themselves.