Space Ranger GT-814

Totally not a knockoff of Buzz Lightyear. Disney lawyers please don’t @ me :grimacing:

Head 1

Head 2




I know you took these with a phone because of the use of the app prisma for the last photo but HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD DID YOU GET SUCH QUALITY PHOTOS WITH A PHONE!


Thanks for noticing. The key is bright lights. Preferably coming from several different angles to eliminate shadows. Alternatively, you can take them in the daytime near the biggest, brightest window in the house.

Here’s a pic of my “studio” lol that I took a few months ago. Those clip-on lamps that you see are $4 LED desk lights from Walmart. The background is just 99 cent poster board. Also from Walmart.


i like the bootleg blue


That’s a lot of feet he’s got!

This figure really works as a space ranger. I really like the color scheme and wish LEGO would produce parts in that blue color. I think the back of the torso has just one too many colors on it, and I think you could cover up the open axle holes on the back thighs. Though in its present form I think it looks pretty nice.

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Okay, this is epic. I’m impressed with how all the leg plating pieces worked out stacking.


It looks kind of like samd blue. Or whatever light blue they used for ben 10

It’s close to that color, which Lego officially calls “medium blue”. But it’s more like North Carolina Tarheels blue. A “powder blue”, if you will.

It’s a great color, and I wish Lego made parts in this color as well as the medium blue.