Spanish Music

I hear to a lot of music in english, and something that came to my mind was; "Im Spanish, and I listen to English music, so do they listen to Spanish music?"

The answer its pretty clear, no, but if you ever wanted to start listening to Spanish music, I could suggest you something

This one is my favorite one, so... Yeah

Oh also, whatever you do, dont listen to reggaeton, its just stupid male chauvinist music with drugs and more stupid things, you better dont go there, 90% of the spanish population is dumb because of that dang music


Not regularly, but my Spanish teacher last year would occasionally show us some songs, and the ones I've heard have been good.

Living in Miami, FL, I've heard Spanish music since I was born. I've gotten used to hearing all types and to be honest a lot of it sounds the same.
Since I'm able to speak Spanish also, the lyrics to a majority of the music is constantly irritating.

you talking smack about quinientos balazos :triumph: :raised_hand: /s

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To be fair most of the "recent" genres in spanish music are more rhythms than genres, so the thing than changes the more are the lyrics and not the music itself... which I don't like and is the main reason I also hear mostly music for other parts of the world than were I live (south america) and avoid the popular or trendy music. Some songs are pretty good though...

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Ever since I was a kid I've listened to Spanish music...even though the only songs i can name are from Sharkira and Santana.

I like to listen to at least a few Spanish songs to pick up on new vocabulary.

Reggaeton is for the most part pretty trash, though there are a select few I’ve heard that aren’t half bad.

I’m the one weirdo that throughly enjoys Mariachi.

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that’s mexican not spanish

Oh, I thought by Spanish, you meant the language, not the country. :sweat_smile: