Spear, the Rejected Experiment

Spear is a self-moc I created not too long ago, his earliest stage was really skinny and his Spear of Fusion wasn't so great either. I posted this early version of spear on Instagram, and soon found myself engaging within the Biogram community. They have given me feedback on my self-moc,and I have used those suggestions to update Spear.

(things that inspired me will be bolded)
I wanted to make my self moc something that resembled the build of something that was quick and slim, but did not want to make it too skinny. The first thing that came to my mind when building this moc was Slender (yes, I mean the creepypasta). I wanted to make the whole thing black while giving it a feeling it something unnatural and out of this world. Other things that inspired this build was a picture of a stick figure like alien that was shown to me during a lecture in are class about types of shading. I was first going to make him stand on axle rods, but the thought of making a stand for him made me feel uneasy. And the last thing that inspired me to make this Spear was the 2015 Golden Mask of Water. I wanted a something to stand out with my moc's color scheme and was originally going to be a test. After a month, I got feedback of people wanting more gold, I proceeded to do so, the reason I didn't add more gold was, I wanted to keep the feeling of the original Spear, a dark alien, and by adding more gold, it would make it feel like he is more of a hero than a neutral figure.

Spear is from a race of aliens that has over populated their home planet. To solve for this epidemic, this unknown race made it legal to incorporate slave in their daily life style. The population was split into two, The majority with no gem on their chest get to live free, and the minority with gems. These gems can be used to change the subject's task in life, if their meant to be a trash bin, their job will be a trash bin till assigned to a new task by modifying their genes with coding and medical advances. These make the minority of this unknown race good for experiments or test subjects. Spear was part of a program to make infinite storage, the experiment were a success ,but the outcome left Spear in the state of a black rock. Research funding was low, so the next best option than to watch the rock was to dispose of it and call it a failure. By launching it into space via high tech balloon, they were able to avoid the cost of watching over the failed test subject. The rock crash lands on Voya Nui startling matoran and catching the attention of an Onu-Matoran. The villager touches the rock and it burst open to expose and gren crystal pulsating, The matoran touches the rock and it flashes. long black rubber fibers grab on to the Onu-Matoran engulfing him. Villagers proceeded to help by throwing rocks and sticks at the entity. It forms a body with black rubber muscles and was forming its golden outer skin. Rocks and sticks halted the growth of these plates, so he ran into the jungle with great speeds. While he is running he stumbles onto the silver fiend, Vezon. Wishing to find a way to survive this waist land he had found, he stares at Vezon's spear to try to use it for his own use. He lunges head first at Vezon knocking the spear out of his hands and on to Spear's hand. Vezon grabs the back of Spear's head and grabs his Spear of Fusion and proceeds to ram it down his mouth. Spear's jaw unhinges and proceeds to take the weapon. With Spear being a storage unit, he takes the weapon, letting it slide down his throat with out hesitation, it drops down to his stomach region and the crystal glows with satisfaction. He runs to the jungle to get Vezon off his tail. He soon gave himself his name for the reason if he can swallow a large spear he can eat anything.


Alright, I got a couple of things to say:

  1. The MOC doesn't really give the glutton look to me. When I think of a glutton, I think of that thing being fat or wide. I suggest finding a similar word to gluttony or hunger to replace glutton.

  2. The MOC looks disproportionate.... at first glance. It's namely the legs and body, they look a little long for the arms and head. But if that is what you're going for, ignore this part.

  3. The photos seem a bit blurry. It makes it a little difficult to focus on the MOC.

  4. The G2 mask does seem a little out of place...but I am going to let it slide. I think it fits.


The head is too small and it looks too lanky.

Proportions are weird, but I like the backstory.

This MOC is long.
Nuff said.

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sorry, it was night time and i was tired AF, so i didnt really get the post finished. Yes it's suppose to be like that. I the reason i put glutton was because of him being a storage unit with infinite space, i removed it and called him just The Rejected Experiment, cause I dont want to add a story.

The proportions are really strange and I'm not sure about the mask choice, but the build is nice.

I got to admit this looks pretty good.
It looks like it needs some gold on the chest.