Special edition Toa Mahri Hahli

Hi there…everyone? I’m new at this message board thing. Anyway, I’ve got a Mahri Hahli here that has translucent lime green limbs instead of solid that I picked up in a lot from a friend. He said he visited Legoland California and the Chicago lego store around the time those sets were out. I cant find any evidence online about a translucent Hahli and there aren’t any listing on bricklink with those parts either, so I thought this would be the best place to go to get some answers. Does anyone have any info on this?


I got no info srry, but i would really like to see a photo of it!


pics or it didn’t happen

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Its complete except for the eye stalk and the thigh armor. The red bit of the blaster is trabslucent too. Downside is I can’t find any replacements for the joints that will inevitably break and the couple that already have cracks.

I couldn’t find anything in my brief search, perhaps this is a bootleg that we haven’t seen before?

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that green doesn’t look like the old lime green, it looks like that bright transparent green that was on breakout rocka.

the cordak blaster also has a very obvious molding line and the ball joint doesn’t have a hole in it.

I’m gonna agree with @Dadertrix and say that this is most likely a bootleg.


Bootleg or not, that transparent cordak blaster is really neat!


do any of the parts have LEGO engraved on them?

Looks to me like a bootleg. That color of trans green doesn’t exist in lego, not in those pieces. I was skeptical about the thigh pieces at first, but then I saw the technic socket connectors. It’s definitely not lego, or at least not those parts.


I just did a quick comparison to some parts in my collection and I’m inclined to agree with the bootleg theory.

There should be an ingraving on the center of that little piston detailing. Here’s the same part from the glatorian matanui set

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As long as they don’t break like lime sockets I’m happy with it

They absolutely do though.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure It’s a fake.

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