Special Effects in Star Wars: A Short History

In our final year of high school we were tasked with completing a sort of “grad project” - a several-month-long research project culminating in some kind of “finished product” that we expo’d during a showcase evening at the school. My friends came up with all sorts of cool stuff: photo albums, wall murals, working catapults… (one of my mates even tried to design his own political system). I naturally chose one of my passions that I was already very knowledgeable about: the Star Wars movies.

In retrospect, this video has loads of visual and audio hiccups, some funky editing, and some weird narration is spots. And of course, it’s quite outdated since if I recall correctly I was finalizing the edit as The Force Awakens was hitting theatres. Ah well. I’ll probably come up with my own “special edition” at some point in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as you don’t replace Han with CGI or something then I’m good :stuck_out_tongue:

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