Species study : Nero (a species in my universe,since i dont follow actual bionicle stories)

Hello everyone,this little post is designed to talk of the Nero,one of the species in my universe. Note that i do not AT ALL go by the original G1 or G2 storylines, this is my own story line,and the species i speak of are of my creation. Lets begin with how a nero is created. The nero are not actually born,but are the created when souls are stripped of emotions and certain memories,basically ripping the souls identity away. After that,a body is given to them,along with there powers, no two nero have the same signature powers. Another thing about the Nero is that they are known for there long limbs and disfigured forms at times. Some specific Nero to note would include Azukani, Diroxus, Zopha, and Argios.

if there is anything else you guys want to know about my species, or even how they fit into my story, yall may ask in the comments,and i will reply to the best of my abilities.


what would lead to a soul be stripped of its emotion and identity?


@nexolo it would be a matter of wich god gets it first. There are nine gods in my story(my story has gotten HUGE), two of those gods are the good god atirus,and the evil god Dreth. Atirus is the god of souls and patron of magic,Dreth is the god of death and patron of the undead,atirus if he gets the soul will send it to the plane of existence known as jesa(its like heaven or vallhalla). However, if dreth gets the soul,he has the power to strip it of its identity,leaving a husk of it with very small amounts of non important memories. In short, the Nero are created when Dreth gains a soul.

@Ace what do you mean?

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