Spectre- Toa of Ethereal Light

I really like the idea of light as an element, and since there’s not one in G2, I thought I’d make one. So here he is;-
Name-Unknown (known as Spectre)
Element- Light
Species- Toa
Backstory- Created in the light of the mask makers forge, the Toa of light had no ability to manifest himself in a physical form. He watched the mask makers and learned as much as he could from them. While moving through the Villages of Okoto, he would appear briefly, giving off a ghostly light. The villagers named this spirit Spectre, a name that he has since adopted. Since the arrival of the six Toa, he has been able to manifest himself a physical form, channelling his light through golden and silvered crystals, as long as these are present he can hold this form. He wields two light swords that he can generate at will and also has the ability to teleport, although, after this, he must take time to re-assemble his crystals to again to give himself a physical form.

4th wall breaker- the build is almost identical to my revamp of Pohatu, I just really liked the build. Mostly just changed the colour scheme and a few tweets to hold parts together a bit more securely. Any suggestions or criticism is much appreciated.


Despite looking relatively basic (and yes, I know I’m one to talk) (especially where the limbs are concerned) it looks quite goo-

Are those white CCBS bones?

  • looks closer *
    They are white CCBS bones.

As I was saying, it looks quite good, though the HF 2.0 shield on the back looks like it could make moving the head a little difficult.


Thanks @Marendex_T17.
I know the limbs are pretty much basic ccbs builds but I’m not really into custom arms and legs, everything I make is waaay too bulky looking.
I saw the white ccbs bones on a bricklink store when I was looking for something else, have no idea what set thy come from but I had to have them, lol
The photo is really deceptive, the hf armour is connected about 1.5 inches away and his head is on a ball joint with a blue pin, the head can do a full 360 and not hit anything!! :smile:

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I’m not so sure about how you store his weapons away - where do the blades go? And I think having the pommels on the back of his feet like that would be very uncumfortable for him when he’s walking around. Why not attach some kind of scabbar to the side of his thighs? You have connection points there.

Apart from that though, the guy looks great. Very bulky in the chest thanks to those bohrok parts. You don’t often see those used well since they’re so awkward.

the color layering is off, the lower legs should be flipped, you have gold on the outside for most of him.

Spectre, Toa of 007.

What’s up with the silver hands and feet? They seem to break the color scheme. Nice looking build besides that.

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@Gringat Thanks. I was going for a cheaty lightsabre kind of deal. They “magically” appear (from the table). I’ll try the scabbard idea.
@Payinku. Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I ran out of the gold ccbs armour piece in gold. I’ll get more when 2016 sets are released when the masters get broken up for spares :smiling_imp:
@MSEP Thanks. Quantum of solice made a rubbish name😛
I really like pohatus foot piece and thought I’d even it up with silver hands. If only they made those bits in gold!

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They came from breakout breez.

The mod is basic but it gets the job done, except for those back legs.

Love the amount of armor this guy has, gives him a noble feel I’d imagine a Toa of Light would have.

Nice MOC, good job.