I haven’t watched the new James Bond movie but it looks alright but not as good as Skyfall the last Bond film that was made is it worth watching Spectre at the cinema

Getting ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ vibes from it…

Personally the Bond films in recent years haven’t hit with me at all, they honestly were a little bland given they were either too tied-down in reality or just had poorly shot action scenes and stories where the pacing didn’t feel natural.

So as for your question, I’d probably skip it in cinema’s and catch it as a rental or online at some point

Dude the new james bond comes out in november. You’re a bit early.

some cinema’s are doing Previews

Dude you should have wait until november to put up this topic so you can get a better response

Why? We have topics like this one everywhere.

should I delete and wait for September

No. Let the fans Speculate and Such.

ok Plural and the movie is coming out in 12 days for me since I live in Britain and the Bond franchise is a very British franchise

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I’m not really feeling it though I will watch it eventually. I’m not expecting much from Spectre.

yeah ok and skyfall was the best Bond film in this decade

The only one, and I wasn’t too keen on it either.

I’m looking forward to this film, looks alright to me. I don’t expect anything mind-blowingly amazing. I don’t really expect much great stuff either, it seems like it’ll just be good.

I bet you $10 that when you see it it will blow you away.

ok your on and if it doesn’t out do Skyfall £20 to my bank

Actually when you change $10 to pounds it comes out as £8 and some change

I was doubling the bet

Ok Your on though

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