Speed champions 67 Impala

Finally finished this old project. First it was six wide then a transformer now it’s just an 8 wide lego car. Started out just being a speed champions build but through a combo of boredom and waiting for correct parts I ended up making it premium with opening doors and trunk / hood along with a simple just for looks back seat.
Now all that’s left is finally getting the right back windscreen.

With the mystery machine.


that’s a cool car!

I love the Speed Champions sets! This fits perfectly with the real sets I’d say! Great job


The new scale change really was such a godsend. can’t wait to see later waves.

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Certainly looks the part. Only criticism would be that the boot looks to small to fit bodies but I may be wrong. (Looks like a gangster car)


I tried but with the length of the back end and the frame peice I couldn’t fit more then a couple of small weapons; right now it’s just 2 pistols and a knife. It was deeper before but the cabin looked one stud too short. Made a ton of changes while waiting for correct parts