Speed Crawler 2.0 (Lego Technic MOC)

Hi everyone. Im back with the Speed Crawler

Yea, that thing.


As with all MOCs, im sure they allways can be updated and upgraded. So i was playing around with the speed crawler, when i notised that it actually cant roll with those treads, so i desided…

Lets upgrade it!

So i started designing a new system to mount wheels instead, those big powerminers wheels.

Then i was like…

Hmmmm… i wonder if i can install an engine on this thing?

And after what felt like going to hell and back, i successfully fitted a power functions engine inside of this mostrosity.

But enouth of my talking…

Here is the Speed Crawler 2.0

Now for some info…

The Speed Crawler can go farwards and backwards. The engine is connected to the lever up at the top of the vehicle, the lights are also connected here. The lights turns of and on when the lever i pulled in any direction.

The lever is connected to the batterypack at the back. By switching the button from one side to the other on the batterypack, the lever works inverted or normal.

The roof can be flipped up to reveal the inside of the vehicle where a driverseat is exposed. The driverseat in detachable and connected to the engine pieces where the lever to controll the engine is placed.

I think thats all.

Well, i hope you find the Speed Crawler 2.0 better than the original and that you find it intresting. It took a while to build and i had a real good time doing it.

Se ya!


Looks brilliant! I love the shaping of the body, and using wheels on the model looks great. This is a great improvement over the original!

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I kinda miss the Codak blaster. Looks amazing by the way

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The codak blaster is still atachable, so are the thornax launchers. Glad you like it

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