Speed crawler (Lego Technic MOC)

Hi everyone. This time arpund i post a technic moc. This is the speed crawler, a tank fitted for racing instead of heavy battle.

The speed crawler has a few functions.

Working lights

Thornax launchers

That mahri blaster

Adjustible armor plating

Flippable roof for internal modification


Spinning tirbine engines.

So as you may see the speed crawler can do a few things.

My goal was to build a cool tank looking vehicle only using one set. Im using 4 racingboat sets from lego technic to construct this.

I have left space inside the speed crawler for internal modification like a adjustible arm.


Awesome. Looks like an actual set.

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This looks really cool
I like the lights and the blasters

The side profile is so smooth and that’s the highlight of this MOC for me. This has great shaping and armor covering. I also really like the headlights and functions.

This is something you almost never see on the boards but dang this is so good