Spherus Magna (A Map made with Inkarnate)

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So, recently I found this wonderful little site called Inkarnate, which is a beta-version of a map-making software that allows you to make your own fantasy maps, complete with mountains, forests, towns, cities, and even text! It’s totally free and really fun, and I figured that my first attempt to use it would be to make my own map of Spherus Magna! This map depicts the landscape of the planet as it appears in my G1-continuation fanfic, “BIONICLE–The Time After Time” (which I may soon post on the boards). As such, some of the locations on the map will need to be explained. But first, the map itself:

The locations on this map include:

The trademark features of the Bara Magna map–the White Quartz and Black Spike Mountains, the River Dormus, and the Great Beings’ Lab. New locations include:

The Matoran-Agori Settlement–created after the Reformation as a temporary site for the homeless Matoran and Agori to live while their guardians seek out a suitable location for New Atero. The Settlement is surrounded by earthen walls, and is accessible only by a mechanized drawbridge (designed, ironically enough, by Velika). Within the walls, the Matoran, Agori, and other species live in tents, earthen huts, and shelters made from parts of the dismantled GSR. A large building in the center of the settlement is the headquarters of the Toa-Glatorian Defense Force, containing quarters for Tahu–the current leader of the force–the Turaga/Agori elders, and a chamber that holds the Ignika (Umbra guards the mask within this chamber). There is also a section of the settlement that is walled off, where potential threats who have been captured by the Toa and Glatorian (DHs, Skrall, etc.) are held, guarded by Dekar-Hydraxon and the Maxilos.

Nasetu’s Fortress–Nasetu the Dream-Giver (my given name for the Golden-Skinned Being) dwells here, along with his Skakdi minions. The fortress is located on the shores of Aqua Magna, on the western edge of Sylvus Magna. It is large enough to hold the entire city of Metru-Nui, and its walls are mounted with turrets that can fire energy blasts strong enough to bore through mountains. The Toa Mahri are currently being held here.

Sylvus Magna–Agori for “Great Forest.” Sylvus Magna is a wooded region west of Bota Magna, towards the coast of the main continent.

Tundra Magna–the northern region of Spherus Magna, almost entirely covered by snow and ice. It is virtually uninhabited, and is the site of the Red Star’s crash landing (kind of a spoiler, so that’s as far as I’ll go).

Agori Cave–located in Bota Magna, this cavern is one of many small outposts used by the Jungle Tribe Agori, who are constantly harassed by Kabrua and his Vorox. They are currently traveling here with their prisoner, Toa Nuva Lewa.

Vorox Camp–a camp used by Kabrua’s band of Vorox, and the current location of Chiara and Zaria, who have been captured by the Vorox.

The Vorox City–a large city where the Bota Magna Vorox live. It is ruled by a council of warriors, including Kabrua, who is well-respected in the city, though his fellow councilors are suspicious of him. All of the Vorox raiding parties leave from this city.

Jungle Tribe City–the main dwelling place of the Jungle Tribe on Bota Magna. It is the only major city that survived the Shattering, and almost all the Agori live inside it, as the threat of the Vorox poses a grave danger to them. There are underground tunnels stemming from the city that lead to various cave outposts throughout the jungle.

Tellus Magna–the territory of the Earth Tribe, a group of peaceful farmers who refused to fight in the Core War on pacifist grounds. The region is mostly farmland, with one central village, and it is occasionally raided by the Bota Magna Vorox.

Ignota Magna–“The Great Unknown.” This region of the planet has never been explored. The dangers and wonders that lie here are the stuff of myth and legend. Some legends claim that the Great Beings came from this part of Spherus Magna, also indicating that it is a land of strange beasts and magic. Others claim that it was once a paradise, but was torn apart by a massive war that rendered it cursed and uninhabitable. Few venture within a mile of its borders, and those who do never return…

Anyway, that’s about it! If this map looks cool to you, check out Inkarnate, and let me know if y’all are interested in me posting my fanfic! This post will be updated with the latest version of the map each time there is a major update, and I will post a notice every time this is done so you guys can see the newest version and know what changes I made!


Wow! This is very interesting, and it looks great! How many locations did you make up?

In terms of non-canon ones, only seven: Ignota Magna, Tellus Magna, the Vorox Camp, the Agori Cave, Bota Parva, Tundra Magna, and the Red Star’s crash site. All the others were described in-canon, if not in my exact words.

This is really interesting, and I’d really like to see that story.

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I definitely think I’m gonna post it, but I’ll likely wait until I have a few more chapters written. I’d like to have about a ten-chapter cushion, and I’ve got about five right now, so hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be ready to start!

EDIT: I just finished some alterations to the map using some new tools I found on the site. Now the GSR is much more accurate (and hand-drawn), and each region is designated more clearly.

DOUBLE EDIT: In order to avoid cluttering the topic with images, I’m simply going to replace the outdated versions of the map in the OP whenever I make changes, so keep an eye on that post for new additions!

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I definitely like the second version better. This is pretty neat, although I would’ve used Bota Major and Bota Minor, personally :stuck_out_tongue:

I might consider Bota Minor, actually! Magna is going to stay, obviously, because canon, but Minor isn’t bad!

But it needs to be Major and Minor for the sake of symmetry :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I suppose you’re right. I’ll have to see if there are any better Latin words that are antonyms of Magnus…

EDIT: A new version of the map has been added to the original post! I have renamed Bota Parva due to my dislike of it–it will now be called Sylvus Magna, or “Great Forest,” as “Bota” means Jungle in Agori. Other minor changes include the addition of a couple of new locations and additional descriptions for some previous locations…