Spherus Magna Map

(I hope the image I upload allows you to zoom in because the text is so small)
This is my idea of what Spherus Magna may look like. I don’t expect it to be 100% accurate, but I placed everything where I think it should be based on Greg’s discussion posts, as well as canon books and guides. Not every source is consistent with each other so I just went off what I think made the most sense. You’ll notice a lot of areas I made up, but that’s bound to happen given the size of the thing. I’ll consider posting details of the locations I made up if enough people ask for them.


I’ve always wondered what was going on in those other areas of Spherus Magna; were there other villages? If so, how did they get along? It could be interesting to see.


wasn’t Bara Magna restored by Mata Nui?


Yeah, but I doubt all of the desert disappeared. I refuse to believe a planet like Spherus Magna has no deserts whatsoever. The northern part of the familiar region I made grassy, but the southern part I kept desert.


smart fella knows that planets can not be mono-biome, interesting choice to have it all being one landmass, good work


I love how this map means that Tarduk and co took a largely circuitous route on their first trip to the Maze.