Spherus Magna Stronghold Entry #132: B.R.U.T.E Class

In the Spherus Magna Stronghold, prisoners of evey shape and size from across the BIONICLE universe. Some of them are a bit... Bigger, than others.

so guys I'm kind of hoping that this one gets into Ven's MOC Review. I'm not sure if there's an entry sheet or something, but if not, then here's hoping!

Critique is welcome!



is alright

lil messy

but alright

also maybe don't rush the photos and take time to have them crystal clear?

Someone skipped leg day...

Alright build. A bit too cluttered to really pick out his stature. The concept of a Spherus Magna prison is certainly interesting, I hope you continue with this. What kind of horrible criminals have been locked up there?

Thanks! I was thinking about giving him midget legs, but it looked too awkward. I was hoping it would emphasize his bulk. I also tried to that with the chains and such. And yes, I am going to continue this as a series.