Spherus Magna Universe Toa Mahri


I love how you combine existing parts with original parts and make each member of the team unique while still giving them a common style that keeps them cohesive. It carries on the spirit of what Lego would have done if Bionicle had kept going: keep it fresh, but not completely different


Amazing, but really - why not red Komau for Jaller?

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These are interesting reimaginings of the Toa Mahri, they’re so different yet the same characters.

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These builds are fantastic! Love the use of the Komau and Ruru. Someone’s been paying attention!

Nuparu building his own vahki? That’s pretty neat.

I’m confused. Why should it be a red komau?

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In LoMN, we see his broken Komau on the ground, and it’s red.


These guys don’t really invoke the toa mahri to me

Because Jaller’s Komau was red…

Well that is the point - the same matoran, but less special circumstances.

Yo i think these could be the toa marhi of Nova orbis

Not bad. I actually didn’t nitice that they were Metru builds at first. Looking good.
Nice mask choices and colours and I love how you adapted their tools.

Basically, if the Toa Mahri were the Toa Metru. These are some pretty awesome redesigns!

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agreed - tho im not huge on hahli and hewki’s colors