Spider-Ehlek: Into the Eel-Verse

I carefully threw this together for fun, and now it’s my favorite of my many Spider-Ehlek pieces. I’ve redesigned the eyes to be more like “masks,” and had some fun creating unique expressions.

Much less puns this go-around, but I’m very proud of what I came up with:

So, Spider-Eel-Ham. Not much to say about him, he’s pretty basic. I took off the pincers, though.

Spider-Ehlek-Noir. My favorite character from the movie, I had lots of fun slapping a face on this guy. I was originally going to do Spider-Man Nocturn, but decided against it.

“OG” Ehlek Parker. I saw the coffee, and rolled with it. I love his expression, personally.

Mantax Morales. I want to see a movie of this guy. Seriously.

Spider-Gali. This took a bit longer than expected. I wanted the mask to be visible, but under the hood. I hope I did that right.

Breez Parker. She’s green. I know Peni and Sp//dr as characters, but I don’t know who the mom was. So, I stuck with Mary Jane and thought, if Ehlek and Hahli we’re married, who would their child be? I chose Breez over Macku, mainly because the techie/anime vibe fits HeroFactory in my eyes much more than Bionicle. I took a long time deciding on the eyes, though.

Gad//nka. One of my favorite parts, because it works so well. Small Gadunka can pilot big Gadunka! It’s perfect! And totally something Ehlek would make for his daughter. 100%.

Hope you like it! “That’s all, folks!”


Gadunka is my favorite by far, this is great.





Mantax looks cool
Gadunka is so funny!
The others look cool too!

Great job with this!

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