Spider-Ehlek Movie Posters

A while back, I tried to make a topic about why I shouldn’t have access to photo-editing software, but I forgot about the meme rule, and all but two were memes. So, I downloaded an actual photo-editing app called PicsArt (no more SnapChat for me!), and made these:

Ehlek Parker:

You’re friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Ehlek Parker gets exposed to a radiation bomb while stepping on a spider on a field trip, only this time it was due to the chaos caused by two criminals.

Admiral, Son of Ackbar:

The tactical hero of Ackgard, Admiral defends his people and the people of Earth with his might hammer, Mon-Calanir. Squid pun, Star Wars pun, “It’s a trap!” pun.

Venom Roadhog:

This is actually the first one I made, so it’s the one I knew the least how to do. So, it’s my least favorite. Well, it’s Roadhog, a criminal who was robbing Ringcorp when he released a bomb of radiation on a high-school class, giving some of them powers. He also accidentally released an alien symbiote and its clone. Infecting him, the alien, called Venom, now hunts after money and good food.

Junkrat Carnage:

One of my favorites designs on my behalf, Junkrat basically get fused with Venom’s clone, Carnage. He goes crazy and wants money and stuff. I can’t ever commit to backstories for any of these characters.

Mahri Jane Watson:

A high-school girl whose life is changed when she learns one of her classmates (as well as one of her former enemies) is a super-hero. Her obsession with Spider-Man leads her to forgive past hard feelings and befriend Ehlek. Okay, before anyone gets on my case, I am not shipping Ehlek with Hahli. At least, not the ones you are familiar with, love isn’t canon in that universe! I probably wouldn’t have even made her Hahli, but after I saw the glorious, rich pun, as well as the irony (two literary techniques I can’t resist), I had to do it. Sorry, not sorry.

Nuparu Leeds:

This one I really like. I wanted to make Ned a Bionicle, so I made him Nuparu. The weird guy no one likes? At least, Eljay doesn’t like Nuparu. I made an alternate version where he’s Good Guy, but I don’t want to redo the final poster, so we’re stuck with Nuparu for now. If you want to see the alternate, just post a comment.


Glorious… In my opinion. Took FOREVER to get the opacity right without seeing something else behind (Nuparu’s hair, mask, and body are three different pictures). My favorite part is probably Venom/Roadhog in the back, but I really like how this turned out as a whole. I may redo it, who knows?

I probably will never do anything with this besides posters, but if you like it or want more, tell me, please! I guess you should also tell me if you hate it and want me to delete Picsart. I’ll take suggestions for character mashes (Solek and Bad Guy have to go somewhere…) Let me know why I should never have downloaded that app in the comments, like, suscribe, and have an eel-tastic day!


I’m so happy you brought Mahri Jane Watson into existence. These are pretty funny.


Thanks! I tried to make them funny.


You could probably use the wand tool (assuming you’re using a photoshop like program) to take out the white on the logo

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I didn’t learn I could do that until after I made them

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It’s so funny…:laughing:

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