Spider-Man bust.

Webs are a bit weird, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, given how much I don’t draw.


Lookin’ pretty sharp, I’d say. Almost looks like it belongs in a new Spiderman cartoon…


This looks good,you got a nice artwork here

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Thanks man![quote=“Antroz2007, post:3, topic:47219, full:true”]
This looks good,you got a nice artwork here

Many thanks.

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The fact that the spider is upside down is messing with me for some reason.

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The smallish eyes reminds me of the Japanese Spider-Man. Pretty cool dude!

Wait is it?

looks It up

Shoot you’re right. My bad.

Thanks mayn!

Gosh, I love all the sharp angles in this, it all just works so well.

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owch “almost”

It almost looks like it’s all like going inward into the middle of his chest to me… good work tho