Spider-Man: Far From Home (SPOILERS)

The sequel for Spider-Man: Homecoming! It will be the first movie of phase four, and we already know a lot of things about it.

First of all, the ENTIRE plot was… ‘kinda’ leaked? I mean, you know this happens pretty often. Here is the video where I heard it, but take it with a grant of salt.

Leaked plot


A lot of characters has been leaked and casted, which is great, however, we kinda deal with a villain problem again, but we will get to that too.
First of all, yes, Tom Holland will return to play Spidey even tho he was killed in Avengers: Infinity War.. Aunt May, MJ, Ned and Flash will also return. Good think. We will also get Mr. Delmar which… we can’t have a movie without him, honestly. There are also rumors that J. B. Smoove will play J. Jonah Jameson, or even UNCLE BEN, but I believe none of them. Most probably he will be another teacher.
Nick Fury and Maria Hill are also teased to show up. I really like the idea. It would be cool to have an Ultimate Spider-Man scenario.
Remy Hii was also casted, and there are rumours that he will going to play characters from Namor to Mr. Sinister. But I don’t really believe in these rumours.
And here is the villain problem, because we have TOO MANY VILLAINS CONFIRMED AND/OR RUMORED! Here is a list with them and their status:

  • Vulture: confirmed
  • Mysterio: also confirmed
  • Scorpion: confirmed as well
  • Dimitri: he will be played by Numan Acar, but the character is unknown
  • Hydro-Man: teased
  • Molten-Man: teased
  • Sand-Man: teased
    So unless they make a version of the sinister six, I don’t think it would work.
    It is rumoured that there will be a battle between Spidey and Hydro-Man in Venice on a famous bridge and, to be honest, this sounds pretty cool.
    But I am 100% hyped for Spider-Woman. Too bad that she won’t have a suit and that she will be just an MI6 agent.

Fan made poster found on Internet.
The story is simple: they travel threw word and the seven seas. The main action will happen in England, where most probably they would meet Gwen Stacy, if this is going to happen.

As you can know, if Disney wants to make a Spidey film, they must integrate two other Avengers in it. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, they chose Iron Man and Captain America. I am curious who would be the ones from Far From Home. I heard that the actress who plays Scarlet Which would interested. That is pretty cool. Doctor Strange was also rumored to appear, but it was confirmed that he won’t show up.

So what do you guys think about this movie? Do you believe the leaked plot?
EDIT: Sorry for the fact that I can’t hide the video. I don’t know why it isn’t working.


I know I’m like the first comment on each of these topics, but I STINKIN LOVE SPIDER-MAN.

This is Chameleon. Who I am hype for.

I honestly can’t see him having a huge part. Maybe Mysterio breaks him and Scorpy (SAVE SHOCKER TOO) out of jail, but his wings are kind of gone… Tinkerer would hav etc be in it too unless they get some new tech guy to repair/replace them.

I saw the picture, but it looked strangely like the Spider-Man ride in Universal, where Spider-Man fights him in a sewer. I’ll take a closer look.


I’m SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!!! To be honest, the multiple villains thing in the past Spider-Men have never really annoyed me. In Transformers 4, it did, but not in those for some reason.

I feel the hype commin’.

Hm… Maybe.
And I would like to see more of Shocker but I think they will not bring him back.

Was there a picture? I’ve heard the rumor in a video.

This guy:

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Well, I can’t find the picture again so maybe there isn’t one

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That’s fine.

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I honestly hope they don’t use either Hyrdoman or Molten man. Mysterio, Scorpion and returning vulture will be enough.

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I think it would be cool if they would be two side characters. They could be two twins that work together, like a Ying and Yang, in London, and Peter stop them from robbing a bank.

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I’d keep in mind that most of the villains might not even be in main roles. I remember being surprised learning that one guy in Homecoming was the Tinkerer, and the Shocker wasn’t in the movie much either.

If anything, I’d expect them to be minor henchmen or otherwise nerfed from their comic counterparts.

Personally I think it’s a little early to introduce a Sinister Six, but I wouldn’t be disappointed to see one either.

I don’t want to see a Spider-Woman in any capacity. I’m honestly fed up with the multitude of Spider-People in the same universe that the comics already do, I don’t want it in the MCU.

If this is true, they have made a grave mistake…

I’d imagine they’d just use the ending of Avengers 4 to fill their Avenger quota. I have heard it said this movie takes place immediately after that film, so it’s likely we’ll see them with Spidey in the aftermath of A4.

They also better keep the same score from Homecoming.

I’m excited for this movie! I know it’ll be great!


I don’t know if it would work. I think there will be a brake of one or two weeks, maybe even more.

Oh, I’m sure there will be of some sort. It might be a short sequence, maybe a recap, and then another timecard or something, that’s what I’m expecting.

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[quote=“PakariNation99, post:8, topic:45875”]
They also better keep the same score from Homecoming.
[/quote]No…[quote=“PakariNation99, post:8, topic:45875”]
better keep the same score from Homecoming.
[/quote]I don’t feel so good…

I’d rather see a new, but similar score

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I might have mispoke. I meant the main theme.

I personally find it more recognizable than any of the other Marvel themes (other than the Marvel Studios Fanfare), and that’s something the MCU sorely needs.

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Ah. Well homecoming was made by Sony so that could have something to do with it

I love Mysterio. I hope they give th Glass Head the treatment he deserves.

Would be cool if Dr.Strange was in here but it’s highly unlikely imo


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I think they could make it work. I highly doubt we’ll get a ton, as Sony’s already making a movie about that. I’m assuming it’s Jessica Drew. I’m actually excited that she’s in it, because not only does that mean the Venom Cinematic Universe won’t take her like they did Silk, but I also don’t know much about her. I know she isn’t a typical Spider and can fly and shoot lasers! I’m also glad she probably won’t have her powers, as she could be similar to a S.H.I.E.L.D agent or something (fingers crossed for her to actually be S.H.I.E.L.D). At least, that’s what I got out of this: [quote=“Toa_Vladin, post:1, topic:45875”]
she will be just an MI6 agent

I think the next movie is going to be the real Sinister Six. Though, there are a lot of villains…

Yeah, like Ant-Man and Wasp. You can distinctly hear the Ant-Man theme prominently, but Wasp also has a theme and they use both.


I get what you’re saying, though Ant-Man and Guardians also have recognizable themes. Oh, and… (cough, Avengers, cough)

I hope not. Siniser Six MUST be a good movie. Before a team up movie I would introduce every villain in different movies and then I would unite them.
You know… Like in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon.


Perhaps sinister 6 will get a movie about their formation, and then a Spider-Man VS Sinister 6 movie

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That would be cool.

Well, if you think about it, the Sinister 6 team could be Vulture, Scorpion, Chameleon, Mysterio, one maybe not-so-large villain from either movie, such as Shocker or Hydro-Man, and maybe one new villain we’ve already seen like Green Goblin or Doc Oc.

I could see this working because they would already have built up five out of six villains, and the last villain would be the focus of the movie. But, they can still give time to the other five, because we already know Doc Oc and Green Goblin!

Peter Parker’s backstory was referenced in a discussion with Ned, as well as two other movies to explain everything deeper. Uncle Ben was referenced when Peter explained to someone (either Ned or Stark, can’t remember) why they couldn’t tell Aunt May about his Alter Ego. He said, “I can’t tell her now, not with everything she’s going through”. That’s all we need for him, the main character, so the main villain could just have a couple references and it’d work.

Would that be too much Spider-Man villain stuff? I mean, I’m down for a Marvel movie about villains, and Spider-Man villains are the greatest…