Spider-Man: Far From Home (SPOILERS)

Saw it! I enjoyed it. The credits were the best part! Not that the movie wasnt great but holy cow, JJ is back!

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This is an interesting Marvel movie. I saw it today and I definitely enjoyed it overall.

[spoiler]Mysterio is great in this movie, but the twist choice for him has a curious consequence: the first act of the film feels like it goes nowhere. I understand this is necessary setup for the twist reveal but is seems like wasted screen-time at points. The reveal during the long toast at the bar felt really cool but also partly goofy–not sure how that could be fixed though.

And this is just a personal preference, but I definitely would have gone more serious with the 5-year lapse and implications of “The Blip.” However, that would not have suited the tone of this film or of the MCU Spider-Man series very well.

Once Mysterio is revealed as a villain, the film really kicks into gear. I loved the mind-bending illusion sequences; they had great effects and visuals. I also really liked how Mysterio’s “powers” are based in technology (even if the tech is far-fetched). I have always admired how the early MCU movies were a bit more “realistic” in explaining where the superpowers of the characters come from, and I liked seeing that again here. The film becomes a lot more fun and I do think the twist choice was worth it, even if it made the first act seem slow.

I loved seeing J. K. Simmons back in the first credit scene but didn’t stick around for the second. From what I read about it, though, it looks like I will have to watch Captain Marvel coming up to make sense of future MCU developments.


I think this is a quality movie, but I fear that if Marvel continues to make blockbusters at this level–good but with specific problems–it could hasten serious fatigue. I want to see Marvel continue to succeed and I would love to see more financially successful and critically successful entries in the future. Far From Home should be a hit but it’s not outstanding in that critical sense that I would really value.

The other big thing about this movie is that, walking out of the theater, I didn’t feel convinced that Marvel has a big new direction for the MCU after Endgame that will combat fatigue. But I don’t think Far From Home is supposed to do that at all. I guess this is just an epilogue to Endgame, and it’s a pretty good one at that. I recommend this movie and I think it is a slightly above-average entry into the MCU and a good follow up to Homecoming.


[spoiler] I agree with nearly everything you said, but I will say that the first half of the movie plays a very key role in setting up the second part. None of the second half of the movie would have made logical nor emotional sense without first setting up Peter’s issues, Mysterio, and their relationship. Sure, the actual plot elements of “There’s inter-dimensional elemental beings trying to destroy the planet,” goes nowhere, but that wasn’t the point. Not only are they tricks and lies on the part of the main villain, but as an audience member I felt it added a lot more interest and tension. Mysterio and Spidey beat “Molten Man” and you’re left thinking for a moment, “Is that really it?” They play it off just enough that it builds in your head that there’s more to this than a bunch of monsters running loose, and that (along with Gyllenhaal’s enthusiastic delivery) is why the bar reveal had that impact.

Other than that, the entire movie was amazing, one of the best MCU films in my own personal opinion, and one of the few movies I can say I actively felt like I was having fun and was invested in every single moment. The story felt distinctly Spider-Man with everything in Peter’s life going wrong, but for his goodness to ultimately shine through, while still giving us a proper epilogue to the first decade of Marvel films. Every Mysterio scene was breath-taking and utterly astounding, every story-arc was satisfying and well-concluded, the pacing was on-point, the actors were phenomenal, and best of all J.K. Simmons is back as our main man JJJ. I am beyond excited for the future of Spider-Man movies, and the MCU as a whole.

Also, called it. Literally everything.[/spoiler]

TL;DR Movie’s freaking good.

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[spoiler]I absolutely agree that the setup for Peter’s emotions and his relationship to Mysterio was necessary. The one thing I forgot to mention in my initial thoughts was how much I liked Peter’s emotional arc in this movie. I think that the filmmakers could have had a bit more focus on this, but it felt satisfying and complete in how they chose to make it.

I can’t pinpoint any specific parts that felt like they went “nowhere,” but I guess for me it comes down to the difference in pacing between the parts of the movie. The first part has a lot of setup to do, and that is fine because the payoff is largely worth it. The pacing difference just kind of startled me, is all. It was all a bold choice.[/spoiler]

Though, I do wonder if continuing on the 3 movies per year schedule is a good idea. I’d be perfectly fine with less because it would make the MCU entries seem more special. If, however, the quality of the movies remains very high, I don’t have a problem with their frequency.

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After-after credits spoiler: How long was Nick Fury actually Talos?

I loved the movie! Second-favorite MCU movie, behind Endgame. The fact that Talos cameod and made friends with Peter almost got me as excited for the Triple J, and the Night-Monkey VS Mysterio duel was one of the best fight scenes I’ve ever seen.

EDIT: I just realized how amazing it is that this is our:

3rd Spider-Man 2, and the next movie will be our:

2nd Spider-Man 3.

Does anyone else think this is awesome?

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I think we can all agree on the best moment:

The great and honourable J. Jonah Jameson proving spiderman is a menace!


Came to the realization that Stark suit is most likely destroyed.

Am I the only one who’s loved every MCU Spider-Man suit so far? All five of them are just expressive, fun, and pretty unique.

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Stealth suit, IS suit, and homemade? Yeah.
The otgmher two were identical.

The Stark Tech suit and the Far From Home suit? I mean, maybe in certain aspects and overall layout, but we’ve never seen a black and red Spider-Man on screen before, and the silver spider on the back is also a new design.

I’m particularly a fan of how the black parts of the arms on the new suit are sort of layered. It looks almost like small segments of fabric all laying over each other, it’s very appealing to look at.

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You’ve just started a war

It was super nice, though the white spider I hope is a reference to the PS4 suit.

None the less, it looked awesome, and besides, it has the same purpose as the Stark suit, so it makes since that they don’t look super different in design.

I loved the illusion scenes so much. Especially the fake Berlin meeting one. And the zombie iron man scene made me jump tbh. The movie was amazing

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