Spider-Man: Homecoming

Just got back from seeing the movie. Spoilers ahead, but to put things in brief: go see it–NOW.

[spoiler] This may be the best Spider-Man (and, dare I say, Marvel) movie ever. It has the perfect balance or humor, action, and intensity. Tom Holland nails every aspect of the character, and–more generally–the complex emotions of a teenager. He makes me believe he’s Spider-Man, in a way I never really thought anyone could.

Michael Keaton is phenomenal as the Vulture. He makes a really compelling and interesting villain, and fluctuates between awesome and terrifying. If you don’t want huge spoilers, STOP HERE…

The revelation that Vulture is Liz’s dad was perfectly executed. I had read a rumor about it months ago, but forgot it, so the surprise was utterly out of left field. The tone of the movie does a complete flip when this is revealed, and it is glorious. The scene between Peter and Toomes in the car is an incredibly tense, really well done bit of filmmaking, and it had me on the edge of my seat.

The emotional conflict in the movie is great as well. The scene of Peter trapped beneath the rubble almost broke me, because I truly believed his terror and fear, and it felt exactly like how a child–even one with super powers–would react in such a deadly situation. It only made it more powerful when he summoned the will to extricate himself and continue fighting.

The use of Tony Stark is sparing, but effective. He gave off a great mentor vibe, and his conversation with Peter on the roof after the ferry incident felt very real, and shows how Tony has matured since his first movie. The Gwyneth Paltrow moment at the end was a nice surprise too…

I wasn’t as surprised by the reveal that Michelle is MJ. It was well predicted by theorists, and it made sense. We’ll see how it develops going forward.

The action and special effects were great, and the movie felt neither too fast or too slow. All of the supporting characters are nicely portrayed, and everything pays off really well in the end. [/spoiler]

All I can really say, again, is that you should go see this movie if you’re only thinking about it, and definitely see it soon if you wanted to!


Just came back from the movie. I have some problems like any of these movies, but I overall really liked it and I now love Spider-Man’s character once again.

Saw it earlier today. Let’s all agree to forget McCryer ever existed, say Garfield gave a good run at it but had some back luck, and admit that Holland is the one and only best Spider-Man. Loved this movie to death, and I think it’s near perfect. Don’t have anything bad to say at all. It has some great laughs, some great twists, some great MCU easter eggs, and is overall a fun ride.



So, now that Spiderman: Homecoming has been out a few days, time for a bit of community discussion!

What did you think about the plot/characters/integration with the MCU?
Or how about the two (incredibly) cliche/contrived moments?

Let’s have a chat below (and make sure to use the spoiler tags)!

What exactly are the two incredibly cliché moments?

I believe he means [spoiler] the two main twists, those being the reveal that Vulture is Liz’s father and that Michelle is the MCU’s version of MJ.

Personally, I didn’t really find the first all that cliche. Yes, Spider-Man has a history of facing down villains who are actually the relatives of his close friends (or those friends themselves), but what superhero doesn’t? Adding personal conflict to a hero story makes it all the more interesting for the viewer/reader, and if every villain Spidey faced was some random person he’s never met, he’d have no real conflict in defeating them. Plus, I feel the twist was executed well in this film, and that it was less cliche, because Liz wasn’t Peter’s best friend, like Harry Osborn usually is. She was just his crush, his homecoming date. Having the Vulture turn out to be her dad is sufficiently plausible that it’s not really cliche, and it was subtly hinted at earlier in the film.

In terms of the MJ reveal, I can agree a little more. Clearly, the filmmakers were trying to lead us astray on that one, and it fell a little flat. It seems strange that no one would have learned Michelle’s nickname earlier, and she states that her “friends” call her MJ, despite staying at the beginning of the movie that she has no friends. The reveal seemed a little shoehorned, and I don’t think the movie or the character really benefited from it. It does seem as though they’re setting her up as a love interest, though, as a few observant fans noted that she seems to follow Peter around wherever he goes, even to detention. She makes excuses for those appearances, but they seem to be disguising the fact that she may be interested in him. [/spoiler]


I’m really hyped for this movie. I can’t wait to see it this week.


I never actually knew what Michelle’s name was, but when the MJ thing happened it didn’t really surprise me. As for Liz’ father being Vulture, that surprised me. I very much enjoyed the tension that was there afterwards and how Peter dealt with it.

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I just saw the movie today and I was pretty much a Tom Holland fan after Civil war but now he is my favorite spider-man. Quick review: Acting by everyone was great, Stark didn’t dominate the movie as much as I though, the rubble scene is great, the possible future upgrade at the end is a nice touch, really comedic and entertaining at all times.

The two cliches tho, the Liz’s dad cliche was very subtly hinted and it was a nice realization. The Michelle is MJ was abrubt but I don’t really care, it’s not as core to the movie as the vulture’s identity.

Have I mentioned the rubble scene?
[Edit] I’m an idiot and put a spoiler in

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Spoilers gosh.

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Cover your own quote of his spoiler, you hypocrite!

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You were saying.

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I tried so hard to not spoil and one got through. :smiley:

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So, I’m going to go see it tomorrow afternoon with some friends, so hype.

I have updated my profile pic accordingly.

Your hype shall pay off, btw there are 2 end credit scenes, one after the main and one at the end.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll make sure none of my friends leave before the end, but I’ve probably trained them well enough by now.

Great movie, best spider man movie out of the 1 I’ve seen.

I thought it was somewhat obvious Michelle was going to be Peter’s love interest later, but the MJ thing somewhat suprised me. Also the Vulture being Liz’s dad was a pleasant surprise. Both me and my dad expected the Vulture to have kidnapped Liz, not be her dad.

that movie was freaking great

First of all: Hey you got the name wrong! (Should be Macryer if we’re making fun of him.)

Fun fact: Andrew Garfield cried more than Tobey did in their respective films.

And lol no. I love Tobey’s Spider-Man. While I still have yet to see Homecoming, I still love Tobey’s performance. I get people love Andrew Garfield’s performance it just didn’t feel like Peter Parker or Spider-Man to me.