Spider-Man: Homecoming

Release dates:
6 July 2017 (Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Israel, Netherlands)
7 July 2017 (USA, Sweden)
27 July 2017 (Brazil)
28 July 2017 (UK, Norway)
More details coming soon.

Characters: (Actors in brackets)
Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland)
Aunt May (Marisa Tomei)
Michelle (Zendaya)
Manuel (Tony Revolori)
Unknown (Laura Harrier)
Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)
Unknown Villain (Michael Keaton (In final negotiations))


Isn't there rumor that Michael Keaton, aka the villain, will be Vulture.

I really think it would work, and I think I know why...

It isn't like Michael Keaton played the role of a former superhero actor that wore a feathery bird suit with wings in an Oscar winning film.

I bet the people are thinking the same thing.

I mean, how the heck could it not work?


Looking foward to this, it's been a long time since a Spider-Man movie looked interesting to me.


Who knows, maybe this will be the best spider-man movie since spider-man 3!


I actually like the title. Sounds sort of like a reference to the joint movie rights between Sony and Marvel. This movie is Spidey's "Homecoming."


Title is a little cheesy but it gets the point across in both ways, being that the movie could be based around his 'homecoming' and the 'homecoming' could also refer to Spider-man's rights returning to Marvel.

Either way, I'm cautiously optimistic about this. I liked a lot of aspects in the Raimi films and even found small ideas in the Webb series that i liked. Always being a fan of the idea of progression in terms of him developing the suit, so hopefully they have a form of progression throughout the film. Kind of like how Iron Man has progressively changing suits and occasional focus on him upgrading them.

Though i do desire to see an ongoing story this time, no more reboots, no more trilogy's then ending - just have us see an ongoing series of Spider-man films. He has a large amount of villains who he has not faced and by casting a young actor we could see him grow and age for a bunch of films. Honestly, i know it might be expecting too much, but I'd like to see a Spider-man flick every 2 years, hopefully with six films at least - developing the character to the point where we could see him face off against a fully developed Sinister Six.

Would honestly make a lot of sense, given they've already introduced 'Falcon' into the MCU and if they wanted to have the Vulture they could just have him use a similar technology. Could even develop the idea that Oscorp made the flight system used by Falcon and simply have Vulture steal it.

Also the good thing is with Spider-man, chances are that his villains wont be killed off, given he's not particularly viewed as someone who would kill off a villain. So we could see the same villain turn up later, in presumably a version of the 'Sinister Six' when they attempt that.


Spider-Man Homecoming was Spidey's first plot right after Secret Wars when he got the black suit. Hmm... I'm assuming this'll be different.

Looking forward to Keaton's role.


Looking forward to more spooderman.


I was hoping it would be "Spectacular", but this is fine.

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Interesting, I look forward to this.



I hate that logo...

It looks like crap...

I mean, why not this?:

(Ignore the "New Avenger" thing, I just mean the look of the name)

This logo looks extremely unfitting with the rest of the title line-ups, I mean good on them for capturing the young and fresh aspect of Spider-Man's character, but it just looks poorly laid out.

In terms of the movie in general, I am hopefully optimistic about Tom Holland's performance, but that may change after I see how he does in Civil War. I am also interested in seeing an even more comic accurate suit in this film versus Civil War (maybe throw in the underarm webs, eh?).

I commend Marvel for doing something different and creating this new "Michelle" character, but I dislike the acting choice completely, right now it's hard for me to see Zendaya's casting as anything more than a ploy to get people around this totally different version.

Also, Michael Keaton...interesting....


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I'm confused, also lost, will this be an homage to the original Spider-Man cartoon or what?

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This is so meta lol

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It's another live action Spidey movie, but this time set in the MCU.


And it's set in highschool,

Very back to basics but sth we really haven't seen a lot of before

Actually "Michelle" could be a code name for Exist Spider-Man's One of many crushes than a New Character, And the logo is based on the Classic "The Amazing Spider-Man" logo, but without "The Amazing" in the title.


Calm down.

You act like MCU movies weren't already really goofy in most spots.