Spider-Man: Homecoming

Hate the title, hate the logo, super excited for the movie. All Civil War reviews praise Holland as the new Spider-Man. I’m ecstatic to see him onscreen.


It’s kind of sad when you realize this is going to be Spider-Man’s second reboot…

But hey, this might be pretty good. We can only hope at this point.





No it’s no—

Looks up logo

Oh yeeeaaa…



That’s the Spider-Stepbrother

He’s not allowed in with the cool kids



I didn’t mind the title that much when I heard the initial rumors, but now that I’m seeing the logo I can’t say I’m feeling it.

I get that Spidey is younger and the film is set in high school, but that doesn’t mean they have to make the logo/title feel sophomoric and immature. It looks like something that belongs on a cartoon, not an MCU movie, and just seems extremely unfitting among the rest of the lineup.

It sorta just looks like something someone made after opening up photoshop for the first time…

and the logo has a frikken cutie mark. It feels like Peter is a teenage girl that dot’s his I’s with spidey faces, ugh

With that said, I’m very hyped for the movie. I think it’ll be fantastic, and I cant wait to see Tom Hollands performance.


the name makes me think it has something to do with an event in the movie but at the same time representing spidey coming back to marvel


they should bring back his Mech, Leopardon from Supaidaman

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Sooo much hype! I’m glad we’re finally getting a Spider-Man movie everyone (should, hopefully) will love so the Toby/Andrew argument can go die in a hole.

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Forgive me.

But yesh, Spiderman is my favorite superhero. Here’s to high hopes.

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New characters (Actors in brackets):

Manuel (Tony Revolori)
Unknown (Laura Harrier)

New release dates:

6 July 2017 (Czech Republic)

Yeah I agree the title is cheesy, so it the logo. You can tell it’s going to be really light-hearted. And Holland seems okay, kinda wish the kept Garfield.

I wouldn’t jump to conclusions so fast.

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You’re right. What I should of said was that it LOOKS like it might be light-hearted. But hey, you never know. I heard it was supposed to have a John Hughes type of comedy which is actually pretty exciting. But I’m still really excited for the movie, I love spidey. One of my all time favorite heroes.

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So apparently Robert Downey Jr. AKA Iron Man is going to appear in Spider-Man Homecoming.



New character (Actor in brackets)

Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robery Downey Jr.)

Other news:

Michael Keaton has dropped out of the movie.


It makes sense that Peter would be in contact with him, he was on Tony’s team.

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RDJ does make it interesting. It probably won’t happen, because he always seems to request lots of screen time, but I hope that Iron Man has a smaller role in Homecoming. Homecoming should just be about Spider-Man, not Spider-Man and his sidekick Iron Man. While a small appearance wouldn’t hurt, I’m afraid too much Iron Man would detract from Spidey’s story.



Michael Keaton is in final negotiations to play a villain in Spider-Man Homecoming. Watch the video below for more details.

New characters:
(Actors in brackets)

Unknown Villain (Michael Keaton)

New Release Dates:
The release date has been changed from the 27th to the 6th in the Netherlands.

6 July 2017 (Denmark, Israel, Netherlands)
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