Spiral Harvester

The super ancient ruler pushed to the limits of the spirit, and discovered horribly unnatural abilities.

Stumped on this one for months, finally managed to finish a second version. More lore will come eventually.



This is Halloween! This is Halloween!
This should be the pumpkin king!

Oh, is he the same species as the lord of the wasted moons?

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It’s the same character, second version of the moc. Most of
my characters have multiple titles/names. I haven’t posted much story, but once I have everything more figured out I’ll start putting more of it out. All my mocs are connected


Ah, ok. The different name threw me off, wither way, he looks real good. Out of curiosity, is this just an updated version, or is this like a different version of him in your story?

A little bit of both. I wouldn’t say it’s a different version of the character, just a more developed one. The build here has more story related designs. I’m thinking when I start building different versions of characters from different points in the story I’ll make entirely separate builds for them.

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Interesting. Either way, I love the whole design/style you have with all your mocs, and I can’t wait to actually get some info on the story. You have me thoroughly intrigued. :slight_smile:

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That’s an amazing head

Sweet Mary mother of Joseph