Spirit of Earth (Concept art)

This is some concept art of my idea of what the spirit of earth might look like.

I was trying to show the relationship between earth and forest.

(On a side note I found it interesting that both wood and earth are represented in the 5 Chinese elements.)


I like how the symbols look like opposites of each other

Nice drawing.


I am Groot?

I am hit the lever

Not too bad, I like the transition connection.

Is that mata nui stones hanging from the tree?

Looks like they are.

I love this. It has a strong sense of mysticism and the choice to make it a literal embodiment of earth rather than a genetic humanoid was a good idea.

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This is really cool. I was imagining something similar myself in this new “canon”.


Really cool, though the mask could maybe transition a bit better into the body and maybe change some of the masks design so that his face doesn’t look so goofy.


I wanted to put spirit stones/ masks hanging from the tree and I kinda defaulted to Mata Nui Stones.


I’m not sure I know to do “not-goofy”.