Spitter - Dark Hunter

When I was younger, I was obsessed with the Dark Hunters. They just seemed so cool to me, going around killing, looting, and pillaging. One of my first (and favorite) Bionicle books was the guide on the Dark Hunters, the one where they showed MOCs from a contest or something. I wasn’t able to enter to enter the contest (AKA I found out like 2 years late), but I was still inspired. As such, about 40% of my old MOCs are Dark Hunters. This one is good representation of that.

(and all the comments below are “tl;dr”)

This is Spitter. He is a Dark Hunter originally from an unknown island. His species, as you can see, has four arms. Each arm is capable of lifting considerable weight, making Spitter exceedingly strong. However, his usefulness comes from a special ability his species possesses.

Spitter is able to fire various types of energy beams from his mouth at will. These range from being able to stun his opponents to vaporizing large holes in buildings. This power makes him extremely useful at stealing artifacts from fortified strongholds.

However, Spitter comes from a very docile culture and is not naturally aggressive. Thus, he is usually paired with a more capable Dark Hunter, who ensures that he stays in line.

(just a back view)

(and a kinda action pose)


so ye feel free to criticize me on mah build


I like that face. reminds me a lot of Movie Roodaka.

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…you mean this Roodaka?

I guess…?

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yes. It looked more like it in my head.

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I guess if you made it red and got rid of the “hair” it would kinda look like it

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Epic head design! The only I see would be the placement of Skirmix jaw. Overall, you did a great job.

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I’ll agree with that. It looks… suggestive kinda. In a ROTF Devastator sort of way.

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But yeah I kinda see what you’re saying…


I’d recommend using this connector in place of the jaw: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=32013

I don’t quite get what you’re saying Collector, but your words have motivated me to change it.

(excuse potato quality plz)

How’s this? I also moved the jaw to the back because I thought it was too bland.


much better.

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Glad you think so.

also, even though this is my MOC, I keep reading the title as “Splitter” and either thinking of Splitface or Splitter Beast

dangit hero factory

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It actually looks like something you’d see out of that book. Great job!

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Agreed. Glad you took some of my advice, ToaNuju120.

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i agree. cespite the color it looks alot more like movie roodaka than the roodaka set

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Very cool. I think the head is my favorite part (but I’m not reminded of movie Roodaka).

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Aside from the sorta standard legs, he looks pretty good. However, you may want to consider a different type of leg design for the lower legs, the inika limbs can restrict movement. Especially since you have the upper leg armor raised like that, I can see there isn’t much room to move about at the knees.

@Collector No problem :smile:

@pikminjake + @Leoxandar Thanks for the positive feedback!

@Petrus I can see what you’re saying. However, I find that it’s not usually a problem when posing. Sometimes you have to sacrifice mobility for aesthetic purposes.


Quite true.

i think i meant to say that in another topic and posted it on the spinner topic instead. (about the movie roodaka)

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