Split Ekimu

So, anyone remember that joke moc I made a couple days ago where it was a two-headed umarak? With two colors? Well, I decided I’d do the same to ekimu.
This time though, I put a little more effort into doing it. Aaaaaaand I think it came out better than I expected. Not much better, but still better.

Obviously, I couldn’t go with green and orange due to Ekimu’s blue, so I just got more blue parts. I also wanted to incorporate that annoying charged up mask of creation. It throws off the perfect split here, but I still did it.

A wonderfully blurry picture that shows a bit more of the top.

Blue side.

Orange side.

His back.

A horrible attempt at showing you his build.

And his weapons. Also orange and blue.

And just for clarification, this was my inspiration.

I’m sorry.


He looks pretty cool

I would call him Slushy Ekimu.


Danke[quote=“TeslaEffect, post:3, topic:26943, full:true”]
I would call him Slushy Ekimu.

That did in fact go through my head mid-build.

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I could go for a slushy now. Thanks for the build for reminding me.

Also it is a pretty nice use of old and new parts. Filled in the legs just right.

I really like the concept of the figure, since the idea of a figure split in half by a different color has always appealed to me.

The build itself is alright. The custom torso is cool as heck and the legs are well covered. My only real gripe are the two shells used to cover up the not-so nice looking bits, since they seem a bit out of place.

Overall a fantastic model. Nice job!

this looks legitimately awesome. Not like Ekimu, but awesome.

######no b srry dood

This is a split fajita of goodness.

This is really cool.
I like how it’s melded.

np, and danke.


Do you mean the two shells on his legs, on his chest, on his left toe, whaddayamean?

Yeah, I didn’t wanna put gold in there. It didn’t really fit. The only reason I called it ekimu is because it uses the powered up mask, which was another big reason I tried to make this. That mask is hard to use properly.

But there’s no white. What about the cheese, man? You forgot the cheese.


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The chest m8

So, those were actually meant to be an integral part of the guy. Every Ekimu thing I’ve seen has had the two chest shells, so I made both of my Ekimu mocs do the same.

This is my first Ekimu moc with the chest-shells and stuff.
Also, that was one of the best ways I could have melded his chest without crossing over one side. The helmet was enough as it is.


Man I really like this moc, not sure what it is, I just like it so much, however the forearms look a bit off to me, but it still looks awesome.

These look great!

Pretty good. It’s like G2’s cancellation gave him multi-personality disorder.

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The build itself looks horribly sloppy to me, but I like the concept and he looks pretty solid.

Still hate that mask though.

I’m not sure what it is either. But, the forearms as in the rahkshi legs? Yeah, I got lazy.
But Danke

Danke again

No, it got half of it’s face burned in gasoline. It’s now two-face.

Oh you have no idea. You should see how much of the build I didn’t plan for.
And I hate the mask too. That’s why I wanted to see if I could use it properly. Silly.

Weird but cool. That torso is an interesting concept. With some refinement, it could be pretty cool. Don’t much care for the feet though.

I like the design

Dude I thick the mic is awesome considering all aspects but if you had Ekimu`s golden mask on one side along with gold and kept the trans blue head and had a 2 headed moc it would make a even awesomer (?)