[spoiler] what happened to the series in a nutshell

assume that i only watched season one and want to get back into it, what happened in a nutshell? i’m so lost

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Stuff happened.

Lloyd got magically aged up to be with the others. He turned out to be a golden ninja who could create physical objects, at the sacrifice of the other 4 ninja’s power. He gives them their power back after fighting Overlord.

This evil entity that plagued Garmadon took over some machinery to manifest himself, Zane sacrificed his original body to take him down. But don’t worry, he’s an android so he just uploaded his memory into a different body, gaining a love interest Pixel in the process, of who becomes a mechanic for the ninja.

Some colt worshipers of the Serpentine tried to revive the evil ones. Garmadon, who had become good, sacrificed himself to save everyone. Also there’s a plot about other powered people outside of the ninja, one of which is a girl named Skylar, who becomes Kai’s love interest.

Then it turns out there were ninja trained by Wu before this team. One of these is an air elemental, Morro. He died, possessed Lloyd out of spite for not being granted the green ninja title, and tried to exact revenge. Also Nya and Kai’s parents were both elementals, father fire and mother water, so Nya turned out to be a water ninja. At the end, Morro sacrificed himself after seeing the errors in his way, helping to destroy a literal manifestation of hell with Nya drowning it, thus destroying dead souls like Garmadon.

Then there are other realms of existence. One is home to a genie, Nadakhan, who blames the ninja for destroying his realm. So he tries to take them down by cursing each of their wishes. As it turns out, Nya looks like his dead fiancé, so he abducts her and tries to marry her. At the end, Nya is fatally poisoned and Jay’s final wish is that none of what happened happened, and poof everything’s back to normal and no one remembers a thing, except for Jay and Nya, who get engaged-but-not-really due to legal/story issues.

Then the ninja take a haunted journey with previous villains manifesting themselves from mannequins. More stuff happens, and Cole is cursed and becomes part ghost.

This leads into a couple of time elemental, evil twins coming to exact revenge on Wu, and we see backstories of the ninja’s ancestors who fought with them. Wu is hit with time energy and disappears, and the twins vanish as well.

Some time later, Harumi, who becomes Lloyd’s love interest, leads him to stop a group called the Sons of Garmadon from resurrecting his father’s evil side. This goes to the dumps when it turns out that she was the leader and successfully used Lloyd to bring back the oni side of Garmadon. Oh, yeah, there are these creatures called oni that are representatives of destruction, and Wu and Garmadon’s father turned out to be half dragon-half oni. So Lloyd, Garmadon, and Wu aren’t exactly humans. Also, the ninja found out a baby they had been taking care of was Wu. So anyways, the ninja and Wu are defeated and thrown into another dimension leaving only Loyd and Nya behindto defend Ninjago with some of their allies. Also Harumi dies trying to save a family.

The dimension the others are sent to is the Prime dimension, where the dragons and oni originated from. Progressively aging, Wu rejoins the fray as a warrior, dawning his father’s armor, and taking helm over Firstbourne, the mightiest dragon, to defeat the realm’s dragon hunter maestro and returning home using the dragons’ dimension hopping ability.

After some battling, Garmadon is weakened and discontinues his fight. He warns Lloyd of the approaching oni threat. Teaming up with him, Loyd destroys the Realm Crystal, an artifact used to jump through dimensions, but it does no stop the oni invasion. By melting down the golden armor Wu had used to control the dragons, the ninja recreated the golden weapons and used them with a tornado of creation to defeat the oni, with the weapons losing their power. Garmadon goes missing.

Some time later a pyro snake named Asphyra attacks to steal the scroll of forbidden spinjitsu, which allows one to have an almost demonic amount of force infused into them. Kai has his powers stolen by her. Again, Zane sacrifices himself as he and the scroll are banished to another realm.

Finding out that this realm is called the Never Realm due to nobody, with the exception of Wu’s father, escaping, the ninja go about to save their friend. Plagued by an ice emperor, this place is harsh for all who journey there. At a despairing village, the ninja decide to help them fight. Kai eventually regains his power. Lloyd is sent on a different mission to the others, to infiltrate the ice palace. On his way he meets and teams up with a fox-shifter named Akita. Stuff happens, and it turns out that the ice emperor is Zane who was manipulated by the forbidden scroll and a disgruntled formling named Vex. Zane regains his memories, and the gang uses a special traveler’s tea to go back home. If you have to ask, yes, Akita becomes Lloyd’s love interest.

When a game resurfaces called Prime Empire that seems to be abducting players, the ninja investigate. It turns out that the AI designed to run this game, Unagami, is taking people and turning them into energy so he can teleport himself, along with other NPCs, into the real world. One by one, the ninja are defeated through the levels until only Jay remains. After confronting Unagami, he sees the light of his ways from his creator Dyer, and everyone is returned to the real world.

IT’S COLE TIME. The ninja are invited to take part in the Shintaro Kingdom’s princess Vania’s birthday, as she is a big fan of them. But below the kingdom lay a dark secret, many Geckles and Munce, which are troll and ogre like creatures, had been enslaved to mine vengestone by the Skull Sorcerer, which had been introduced earlier as special mineral that can block elemental abilities. Trying to save them, the ninja are captured except for Cole, Wu, and Vania.The Skull Sorcerer turns out to be King Vangelis, and the three fall for a trap where they fall to the lowest depths of the mountain. There they meet with three adventurers who call themselves the Lowly, and they explain the origin of the evil skull that caused the king to go power hungry. They escape the depths, and Cole learns of his mother’s amazing power, of the spinjitsu bust, which is spinjitsu on steroids (pretty much) from being surrounded by one’s element. After failing to figure it out, Cole and the others go to save the other ninja. Epic battle ensues. After the Skull Sorcerer destroys Cole’s mother’s twin blades, which he believed were the source of the extra power, he finally understood what the power truly was. He unleashed a massive tornado of elemental energy, defeating the king. Vania, now Cole’s love interest, is crowned queen and the ninja depart for another adventure.

And that’s where it all ends at the most recent season. Overall, even with this show’s many lows, its highs make it an enjoyable watch. Seriously, just watch it, this summary doesn’t portray the cinematic magic that goes into this.


Alright you’ve missed a lot. Here’s something as brief as I can get.

Season 2
The ninja all got magic powers and Lloyd became a big boi after drinking potions. Meanwhile Garmadon helps a purple cloud with evil eyes to turn into a dragon. Lloyd stops this by turning into gold to explode the dragon. This all ends in Garmadon being good again for some reason.

Season 3
The Ninja are teachers now. Meanwhile, Zane gets a girlfriend and all the robots in the city get corrupted by the evil purple cloud who is now an evil purple computer. Zane stops this by killing himself.

Season 4
Purple snake cultists forcefully recruit all the magic people into their fighting contest. Everyone has fun until the snake cultists take their special magic powers and turn themselves into purple snakes. This all ends with Garmadon killing himself and ghost snakes going on a murderous rampage and killing all the snake cultists. Also Zane is alive again.

Season 5
A green magic ghost ninja man possesses Lloyd’s body for no reason and summons a ghost army. Meanwhile the Ninja turn into the ghostbusters and begin busting said ghosts, as well as visiting the writer’s room and learning how to fly. To counter this, ghost man summons the cyclops kraken city dimension. Nya puts a stop to his antics by becoming a magic person and spraying the cyclops kraken city with water. Also Cole turns into a ghost.

Season 6
An evil flying steampunk pirate genie and his crew of flying steampunk pirates kidnap the ninja and their friends until only Nya and Jay are left. As it happens, Nya looks exactly like his dead fiancé, so he kidnaps her and tries to marry her. As a result, Nya gets shot and dies. Jay stops this by reversing time so that the season never happened.

TV special
Cole stops being a ghost.

Season 7
An old man and some dude create snake people and a time machine. The ninja put a stop to this by throwing them into a time portal. Wu falls in too and disappears.

Season 8
An evil cultist biker gang goes around collecting masks to resurrect Garmadon. They succeed. Meanwhile Wu is an infant.

Season 9
The original four ninja get sent to dragon land while Lloyd and Nya fight a giant stone man for half the season. Lloyd’s evil girlfriend dies in a collapsing building and the original Ninja return from their adventure with teenage wu. This all ends with Garmadon getting sent to prison.

Season 10
Black demon people run around doing stuff, meanwhile Kai remakes the golden weapons which they use to kill said demons. Lloyd dies and gets sent to heaven but then god resurrects him. Also, that old lady in the tea shop was secretly a demon.

Season 11 part 1
Mummified fire snakes led by pensioner snake lady wreak havoc on Ninjago. Clutch Powers goes to hospital and Wu gets PTSD. This all ends with Zane sacrificing himself again and snake lady going to prison.

Season 11 part 2
Zane actually isn’t dead and actually went to ice land to become evil. The Ninja arrive on the scene and start doing stuff. Ice Starscream aids evil Zane but then Lloyd tells Zane to stop being evil. This works and ice Starscream is banished.

Season 12
The Ninja go inside an arcade game for no reason.

Season 13
The Ninja go to a castle for no reason. Cole decides to follow his friend into a mine system and promptly gets kidnapped by a flying evil demon magic king. Antics ensue, including Kai becoming a well-known political leader, Nya becoming a monarch and Cole befriending three dudes living in a sewage system. Cole stops the evil magic flying demon king by learning spinjitzu on steroids.


You forgot about Dareth


The Brown Ninja (properly capitalized) permeates his presence throughout all realms of Ninjago. He does not need introduction.


thanks guys, that was pretty epic