[SPOILERS] Mysterio Vs. Molten Man

Yeah, so this is from Far From Home.
If you don’t want any sort of spoilers, I reccomend not checking this out.

I decided to leave this as just a sketch. It looks pretty good as is and I’m worried I’ll mess it up if I pen it and then color it in.
Thanks to @Bramsley who gave me some advice and tips! He’s a really great artist.


Awesome work! I like the dynamism!

Some advice for the future: don’t be afraid to mess up. That’s part of the beauty of art, and failure along the way isn’t a bad thing, it’s a necessary step to success. I remember never wanting to ink or color my drawings for the exact same reason, but I’ll tell you now that if you get into the habit of never at least trying, it’s going to hurt your improvement.

If you want to give it a shot, but you’re still squeamish about it, try digital methods! Scan your sketch and see if it’s going to work or not. If you don’t have confidence with one skill, like if you’re afraid you won’t be able to shade it right, practice shading by itself for a while until you build your confidence. And if you have that confidence and it still doesn’t work out, don’t give up! Keep doing more and more, and you will improve. Failure is your friend.

For every one amazing piece of art, there’s 1000 terrible ones behind it. Embrace the process, learn to love the mess! Keep up the good work!


I mean, I usually pen my artwork, but I guess I wanted to try something different. There’s just so many lines, I don’t want to smudge.

Thanks for the feedback and tips!
Yeah I really need to get into the habit of scanning my drawings. I want to get a drawing tablet and draw over them digitally so that they look better, and so that I can shade them too.

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I scan my drawings as well; a little tip I’ve learnt is to up the contrast and lower the brightness a bit on the scan, that way the image looks much crisper which is great if some parts seem a little faded when they scan first time round.

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