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Lets talk about the pourase sea sponge!
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in actuality, the old songebob’s still make me laugh quite a bit

the new ones make me question life


Sadly we aren’t talking about real sea sponges


For, me Patrick was the only one who made me laugh out loud. Without him, the show would’ve been bland.



Best episodes ever are “Rock Bottom” and “Hall Monitor”
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Did anyone see the sponge out of water movie. I watched it with my brothers and i thought it was very underwhelming


I don’t have faith in anything that came after the first movie to be good, at all.


then don’t watch it. the commercials only show maybe 15 minutes of the movie

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God, I love this show. To think that I learned English mostly by watching Spongebob (along with other cartoons)…


I liked it… Atleast the underwater segments the out of water segments were kinda bland and boring

watch the new episode tutor sauce that has great slapstick

The first three seasons were great. The fourth was declining in quality, but some episodes were good, though some were awful. Everything after Season 4 is nearly unwatchable, save for a few episodes here and there that are decent at best.


Season 5 has some unwatchable episodes but it also has some great episodes that are as good as 1-3 episodes season 6-8 has some good episodes here and their but overall stay clear because it can get messy trying to figure out which are good and which are bad. Season 9 on the other hand is as good if not better than season 4 besides sb you’re fired and 1 or 2 more they are pretty good

I’d say a few episodes that are post-1st movie are funny, but any episode from the past couple years (especially that Kenny the Cat one) makes me wanna cry, rocking in the corner from a nervous breakdown. They mega rekt me. :sob:

Anything pre-2006 is great, imo.

Wait, I was talking about the 2004 one, not 2015.


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I have watched this show ever since I was born, or some time close to it. I used to watch the old episodes a lot, and looking back at them, they are very hilarious. I haven’t taken much time to watch it for a few years now, except for a Saturday morning a few weeks ago. I don’t like their recent episodes really, and I only watch Spongebob from time to time now.

One kid at my school is scared of animation, but Spongebob is his least favorite. He screams when he hears it, when you show it, or when you mention it.

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Aw, I used to love SpongeBob! I’ve watched it since I was born, basically (as I born the same year it started becoming popular)

If you asked six year old me what his faveorite show was, he would have said this.

And after re-watching a few episodes, I found out it really holds up. Fifteen year old me enjoyed them as much if not more than five year old me did.

Except for the post movie episodes. those episodes suck


Like Squidward? :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, yes. And I’m not kidding when I say this, but there is another kid in my school that loves cartoons and she tries to talk about it around him.

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Does anyone remember this scene?