Spooky Skelly go DOOT DOOT

Sillyness aside this MOC only exists because I have NO IDEA how to use CCBS effectively. I fell out of MOCing around HF 3.0 and didn’t get back into it until g2’s cancellation, so im not used to complex CCBS building. I don’t really need or want any feedback on the MOC, but if you guys have any tips on complex CCBS building I’d appreciate it greatly.

and yes it was based on the revenant from Doom.



I love this and as for tips

Complex doesn’t mean better. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

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Uh, as for advice, custom technic frames are really a must for ccbs moccing, generally speaking, predominantly for the torso, use shells as shaping around a technic skeleton,
you’re gonna need a lot of ver.2 balljoints.
That said, there are some very versatile g1 parts as well which play nice with ccbs, pretty much anything with smooth surfaces.


Fun MOC! I like the build, especially in the torso. The one thing I’d recommend is tires. That can vastly improve CCBS MOCs.

What we should have had for skull villains


I like it! The way the torso plate shapes around the body leaves the neck looking a little scrunched, but the cannons/jets on the shoulders look cool.

I think the torso looks good, it’s just the armor that you chose that makes it look bulky.
If you made a good custom torso that has an armour you don’t like, than change it.
But that’s kind of obvious. Use a technic based torso, maybe even some system detailing. But keep it simple with small mocs, don’t go overboard with the torso.
All in all nice moc. I love the trumpet.