Spore Discussion

The PC game were you can create nearly anything into a "multi-genres" galaxy.

Sadly Maxis/EA abandon the game over 4 years and Darkspore is shutdown, however the community is still alive. :sweet_potato:

This video explain the overall content. (may contain few swear words)

I plan to re-download the game one day, anything to share from your old Sporepedia?


Oh man i love spore

This game had so much ambition, and fell so fall. I love it but it could have been amazing.

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i saw a rahkshi in spore

I played my friend's copy of the game.

i like spore, infact i liked it som much that i have an idea for a game like spore where you play as a scientist who basicly take DNA samples of other species (blood samples, just to make it clear) and then use said DNA to create a new lifefrom.

To bad Darkspore was shut down, now i will never complete it.

This was the first PC game I ever got, and I loved it. I still do to this day.


I never played it, but someone (I think it was @Sonus) said that one of my mocs looked like something from this game.

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For those that still play the game (or plan on getting it again), what are your in-game names? I recently unfollowed everyone I subscribed to (I have no idea why I did that, but I did), so it would be good to get some other content. Mine is "shacho."

Note: For those who do follow me, prepare yourself from a bunch of cringey stuff I made when I was younger. BEWARE

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sounds like me when i used to play Little Big Planet, lots of old and really poorly made levels there.

@TBT_Yuedom and I both play it, and share the same account.

Sounds about the same as @TBT_Yuedom's giant crazy limb things.

I think my in-game name is emraldemporor. If you can't find that, a couple of my creations are the tentra, and the lapperance.

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Sadly I can't find the creations or your username in-game. :confused:

Don't know why. Here's a link to my spore page thing.




I miss it so much, I'm definitely buying it again

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When buying it, get it on Origin, not Steam. The Steam version is harder to get running, and can apparently glitch out and require a re-install.

Really? on the mac version on Origin the thing would always fail to update, and its only on mac on Origin.

So I download some random creations:


Thomas has seen some stuff

But I love Spore
since It basically build your Creatures the game

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I made a thing.