Square Contacts

After sitting my *** on this message board by reading old posts, I finally do something I will regret.

Youtube: Bedax
Flickr: Folisk
Deviantart: TBD
Google+: I
Facebook: Hate
Tumblr: Social Justice
Twitter: Media
Instagram: Renuaf


Name one person who actively uses G+.


My grandma.

Me when bored (never when I got ttv)

I use Hangouts - if that counts. + G+ is technically tied to most of YT accounts.

Same here. I posted some mocs looking for critique, got none.

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I actually use it on mobile to check when someone replies to my comments or comments on a video. (Yay YT app lacking basic functionality!) Otherwise it’s absolute crap.

tumblr noob here: Renuaf

…you do know you can have this in your profile, right?

Like, not saying this topic is bad or anything, but a lot more people will see it there rather than here.

I can’t edit the post anymore and I know I can link web in my profile (idk why I don’t but this isn’t the first time).

Fair enough. You do you man.