Squeaverking's Lego Convention Shenanagains

Today I am going to a convention, so I decided to later put pictures and video of the event here and on YouTube! I am embarking on my journey with my Dad with his Hype-Car!

OK, I screwed up the recording, so I can’t upload it. But I will tell what happened.

So when I got there, the people gave you a BrickWarriors bag. I looked at the Mocs and was impressed, the various sea ships were amazing. I also saw an awesome Alien vs. Predator Moc, called Just Another Bug Hunt.

Another Moc that stood out was a huge Star Wars Clone training center. There was one last Moc that stood out, a Harry Potter one that had Harry on one side and Voldemort on the other, but it depended on how you saw it.

I also picked up a Toa Mata Kopaka set, Bronze Hau, Photok, and various other pieces.

At the place was two games, Lego Mini Golf, and you could build a car and race it. I called mine the Hype-Car, and surprisingly, it lost but my dad won.

There was also a drawing to see who wins a large basket of Legos. I probably didn’t win though.

Overall the convention was a blast! I had a lot of fun and there was a lot to do.


I wish I could go to conventions :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope one day you do.

Conventions are always fun! This one sounded great!
Man, sounds like their was MUCH More BIonicle available then the Lego convention I went to…

Oh well, Life size Nuju weapons are better :stuck_out_tongue:


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