Squeaver's Origin Story [<>]{{gAMe>:)}}[<>]

So, come up with the story of my life, write a few words, and the best story becomes my actual reality or something idk.

Or just write “squeaver is a dip lmao”

Write that and I get hurt physically

Or write “Long ago squeaver was running around when TAKUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

I dunno just write my heckin origin as if I had no history before now


squeaver is a dip lmao/s?



Squeaver came from the land of the ponies, where friendship is magic. Then he came across a portal, that took him to the magical land of the TTV message boards, where he started playing make belief in the halo universe. Some people joined him, and together formed a less-than magical realm called “The Howling Dank Discord”. Squeaver learned then, the truth, Friendship isn’t magic, it’s arguing and naughty boi words.
The End


squeaver is a dip lmao


Squeaver was one day taking a walk at the park and then a hawk bit his chin…

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Squeaver was once a normal guy, no older than 35. He had a roaring six pack, a pet lion, and a collection of Tom Petty albums. He went into his room with his hot wife and his amazing bonkle collection, ready to have a make out session when some knocked on the door. It was a Lego employee telling him that Bionicle was to be discontinued. Squeaver’s heart sank at the thought of this.

“no…” He said. “It can’t be!”

“it is.” He said. Squeaver cried, because he couldn’t believe that the Lego toyline he loved more than his hot wife had been killed. He also felt something strange. His wonderful six pack had started receding into his stomach, and what came instead was fat.

Suddnely his wife came to the door, holding a suit case.

“Yeah those plastic robots just disintegrated, so I think i’m going to go see that Looch guy. later.”

“NOOOO!!!” Said Sqeaver.

What happened next? Sqeaver became a dip Lamo or something like that.


I can confirm this did happen to 16 year old me

Squeaverking was a squirrel who died. He is now part of the message corpse.

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Squeaverking was a noble prince who was exiled after his brother stole the throne. After years of hard trials, he eventually defeated his brother and remained king. Then he woke up in his mother’s basement.


A mad scientist decided to create a hybrid of a squirrel, beaver and king…

squeaver was the result.