Sriracha Discussion

This topic was made to talk about sriracha. Yeah. Sriracha is a wonderful spice, and it goes great with everything.

Except celery. Don't put it on celery.

Discuss about this green capped, red colored condiment.

Weirdest name spelling ever

I literally have the bottle on a t-shirt, I love anything spicy and Sriracha is one of the best hot sauces

Not a fan of Sriracha, but probably because my heat threshold has been raised a lot over the years. I'm currently really into Ghost Pepper sauce.



This is why I aspire to be Meso :joy:

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I hate anything and everything spicy. Go ahead try to burn me at the stake.

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I like it, but in small doses. I usually just mix in a few drops in Chow Mein or rice. Doesn't taste amazing or anything, but adds a nice kick.


Going to be completely honest: I have never had Sriracha on anything before. Or maybe I have without realizing it. I have no idea. Either way! The name for the spice is weird.

It's nice in certain things. But I enjoy a good curry more.

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@TBT_Yuedom This sounds like your kind of topic.

I never had any dishes with this condiment on it.