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So recently I was in the mood to imagine up some game ideas. One of the games I’ve wanted to make for a long time involves some kind of beat-em-up or brawler type of gameplay, and in the spirit of that I did some doodles in my sketchbook of what kind of attacks the player character could pull off.

I wasn’t satisfied with the doodles, so I used the key frames I drew as a basis for some quick sprite animations. These are some of the results!

A quick, light attack combo.

A powerful heavy attack combo.

And a parry that can be performed out of a block to stun enemies, one of my favorite game mechanics.

I apologize these are really small, scaling them wasn’t working properly. I have a few more planned that involve elemental special attacks and player buffs!


Earth Special Attack. Summons a boulder from the ground nearby that can be hit with an attack, sending it flying in a direction.

Don’t expect an actual game to come from this, this is just me messing around!

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Smooth, precise, and understands the basics of easing when it comes to weapon animation. Excellent work, Pakari!

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Wow. This is something I’d be impressed with out of a professional studio; fantastic work!


The actions are nice and snappy, and the movement lines really give a great sense of speed and weight. Good job!

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ThanksThanks! :laughing:

Thanks so much, dude! That makes me happy to hear!

Whoa, really?! That means a lot, man, thank you!

Thank you! I’m a big fan of really fast and powerful animations, and smear frames are just plain fun!

Thanks everyone for your comments so far!

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These are pretty cool.

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Very impressive: snappy animation with hardly any lead up like this would fit right in a side scrolling beat 'em up /action platformer. I’m especially happy about the little loose wiggles at the end holds in the heavy attack and parry. How the character shifts its weight around when delivering the blows gives it a more natural look and more weight to each attack.

The character looks a little too jittery on the downward strikes with only the staff having smears. This can be improved with either adding smears to the character when he’s lunging down or displaying weight with hair or clothing on the model while keeping the character model’s skeleton in tact. Of course, adding more detail to the character like clothing would be terribly difficult in such small scale, so it’s understandable that you’ve kept a simple monochrome character model with clearly contrasting main weapon.

I’d love to see more of your animations. Thanks for sharing!

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Dude, these are cool!
You should do more.

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