Stage 7 Kraata with no Makuta control?

Hello my friends! I was curious, due to the fact that Stage 7 AKA Shadow Kraata are more intelligent, can even speak the matoran language, how would they act without a Makuta’s control/direction? Considering their heightened intelligence would they be more self sufficient and actually present a more individual mentality and not be feral? Biosector01 info:
“The seventh stage of a Kraata’s development is called the Shadow Kraata. Kraata can only evolve to this stage if they have a particular genetic mutation. As such, Shadow Kraata are very rare. When Kraata evolve to this seventh stage, they turn purple and acquire the physical features of any one of the previous six stages. Although their color changes, they retain their original power and can still only operate Rahkshi of the same type. This extends to their transformation into Rahkshi armor. They are the most intelligent of the Kraata stages, having intelligence on par with that of a Matoran or Toa, they are even capable of speaking the Matoran language.”

“Shadow Kraata have a greater level of power than its previous stages, and gain the ability to infect masks from a distance of up to 100 yards though this power is nullified if they are inside a Rahkshi or otherwise restrained.”


I imagined they’d be like Tahtorak, still a bit animalistic and wild, but more intelligent and communicative. I can’t see them interacting with Matoran society, but they might form their own village.


That’s kind of how I was expecting it would be, but was not sure what others thoughts on this matter were or if there was a piece of information somewhere like on Greg archives that already had a definitive answer. I agree. Also thank you for replying!