Stalker, Dark Hunter

The Dark Hunter agent known as Stalker is the hideous product of a deranged Makuta's demented experiments. A Kraata/Rahkshi and Matoran hybrid, Stalker was one of the Makuta's prized specimens. Stalker eventually escaped his labrotary prison and eventually fell in with the Dark Hunters. Outfitted with a lethal arsenal provided by the weapon-smiths of Xia, Stalker is a skilled assassin.

One of my earliest MOCs, this guy was constructed about a year ago. He was mainly inspired by one of JANBRiCKS' old BIONICLE MOCs with a some Jango Fett-style weapons thrown in. Despite this guy's lack of articulation and generic Rahkshi head, I like him quite a bit. Comment and critique are greatly appreciated!

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It looks good, I'd see this as a dark hunter midget, although maybe you could give him a custom built head.

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Thanks. I just have no idea what sorta head to make for him...

As soon as I saw the title "Stalker", my first thought was this:

Nice MOC, good utilization of the Metru lower arms, as well as the flame piece illustrating the bullet coming out from the wrist cannon. Keep up the good work. :smile:

Thanks man! That's actually supposed to be a wrist-mounted flamethrower, similar to Jango Fett's.


Then that, still hella cool design! :smile:

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This is really making me wish we got trans dark red shells and bones...

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...and let LEGO make even more red and black villains? Meso would have a fit... :stuck_out_tongue:


Technically we've only been getting black and orange villains


Was just about to point out how I like that aspect. Nicely done.


Nice MOC.