Because Z: BotW is a wonderful game.

Nice drawing.

moved to the Artwork Category -square

Wasn’t sure if it counted, since it’s for LEGO art 'n all.

Did… did Revali eat it?

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Yeah that’s the idea

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It took me a moment to realize that. I love it.

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I haven’t played the game, so I can’t comment on the accuracy,

But I can say that birb must have been hungry a couple of seconds ago.

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Here I thought it would be Hahli and Taipu :stuck_out_tongue:

Neat drawing.

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I don’t see any bricks.

Well Link wasn’t going to eat it. He just licks off all of the green icing only leaving the bland plain donuts for everyone else.

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I was referring to the category of Creative Content as opposed to Off Topic

Tru, dat

Where you feeling peck-ish?

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I forgot you had no way to get up to that divine beast on your own!

thank you for reminding me this exists

why do you delete all of your old stuff

is it for burnet purposes?