Again, why did I draw this


Because Z: BotW is a wonderful game.

Nice drawing.

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Wasn't sure if it counted, since it's for LEGO art 'n all.

Did... did Revali eat it?

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Yeah that's the idea

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It took me a moment to realize that. I love it.

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I haven't played the game, so I can't comment on the accuracy,

But I can say that birb must have been hungry a couple of seconds ago.

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Here I thought it would be Hahli and Taipu :stuck_out_tongue:

Neat drawing.

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I don't see any bricks.

Well Link wasn't going to eat it. He just licks off all of the green icing only leaving the bland plain donuts for everyone else.

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I was referring to the category of Creative Content as opposed to Off Topic

Tru, dat

Where you feeling peck-ish?

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