Standardized Kopaka Revamp (System)

A few weeks ago, I posted my pitch for how LEGO could hypothetically bring back Bionicle as a Technic-based theme, to a rather mixed response. Critics said that the build still contained way too many specialized pieces, and that if Bionicle realistically were to come back, it would most likely come back as a System theme based around Mixel joints. While I was quite vocal with my opinion that I do not want a hypothetical Bionicle reboot to be comprised of glorified Marvel Mech reskins, I still decided to give system Bionicle a try. If it really were no other way for Bionicle to come back except as a a Mixels Joint-based system theme, this is what I would ideally want it to look like:

The build is comprised of approximately 85 pieces, which would fit under the 10$ price tag perfectly. Just like last time, I still used a few discontinued pieces which I consider essential, mainly the Kanohi Akaku and the sword piece. I also used the Toa Mata head and feet, but those could easily be substituted for brickbuilt alternatives (I even tried incorporating @TheJerminator 's brickbuilt Mata head design, but I didn’t have any of those ring pieces that were required for it, unfortunately).

The size is again, almost identical to the original Toa Mata sets, but the pose ability has been increased drastically. While the Mixel Joints don’t offer the same amount of stability as Technic, the build still features head, knee, arm and hand articulation, plus something that the previous model didn’t have, waist articulation, which is achieved thanks to a system bar piece that goes through those hollow studs that make up the torso.

What do you guys think? Is this a more realistic way Bionicle could return? If it returned in this way, would you be satisfied? While if I had to choose, I would definitely rather have Bionicle return as a Technic-based theme, as I illustrated in my other Standardized Revamp of Onua, but since realistically speaking, this is probably the route LEGO will go in the future with Constraction, I’d be just as satisfied if it returned in this way.


Hey this looks awesome. I especially like the torso build. Really nice.


ah this is great!


This is epic! I would definitely buy this if LEGO made it. Now if we could turn those knee joints 90 degrees, you’d have an amazing amount of articulation!


Those shoulders feel like they’re missing something.


I agree with this, both build-wise and colour-wise; the original builds had chunky black shoulders, and I think those shoulders make up a fairly iconic parts of the designs.


The build looks really cool! I think the torso is an especially nice design.

Personally, I’m all for a system-based Bionicle reboot if it means the characters come back. The thing that I love about the series was that it was so easy to create something that was a part of that world, whereas with other series you have to kind of build off of the things that already exist (as in, there’s no room for side-stories like Bionicle). While a Technic-based Bionicle would be infinitely preferrable to a Mixel-joint using one, I think if it were going to come back it would be similar to the GWP we got earlier this year.


Any suggestions on how to improve that? I don’t really know what I could use to achieve that effect…


I can think of two options off the top of my head:

  • Option 1: Attach a minifigure neck bracket to the pin holding the shoulders on:


And then you could attach some small pieces to the stud on the neck bracket to add some bulk.

  • Option 2: Just do what the GWP did and attach some parts to the studs on the upper arm.

I personally think Option 1 would look better, though I don’t know what parts you have available.

EDIT: Rough concept of Option 1:

Kopaka Neck Bracket Concept