Star Fox

I’ve gotten used to them. 64 is my only one atm. But soon I will have Zero in possesion. Just unable to play :frowning:

Well, you did have to control 64 with this thing…

I have the 3DS version

It wasn’t so bad, until I needed to reach for z or r twice.

SO I was able to play star fox zero early last night, The levels are fun, the voice acting is decent, but the controls take a LOT of getting used to.

How would you rate it? Is it worth getting or is Star Fox dead again?

I would say it is defiantly worth getting. I’ve only played it for an hour though. But so far it is gr8 m8 i r8 8/8
The Amiibo function is pretty cool too. The Fox amiibo gives you the classic SNES arwing, and the Falco Amiibo gives you a black and red arwing similar to Star Wolf

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I played my first Star Fox game, Star Fox 2 earlier this week. It’s quite short, but pretty fun nonetheless.

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