Star Fox

As my hype was building up for the game Star Fox Zero which is being released later this month, I looked to see if there was a topic about the Star Fox franchise. There isn’t, but now there is! If you didn’t already know, Star fox is a space shooter made by Nintendo where you play as a fox that can drive a spaceship and you shoot space monkeys. Do you guys enjoy the series? Have a favorite game? Excited for the next installment coming out this month? Talk about it here!


Can someone please explain Star Fox to me? I’ve heard of it but never played it. It sounds interesting in concept.

I really like Star Fox. I’m extremely hyped for Zero since its been years since the last GOOD Star Fox. Only thing I’m not to sure about is the multiplayer, that just seems weird to me. Also Slippy is the best character of all time.

“Slippy’s been hit!”
It’s so funny when he talks in the third person

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Barrel rolls anybody


I prefer somersaults myself

You’re becoming more like your father.

I’ve only played 64, but I played it a lot. No one in my family ever unlocked hard mode, though. It’s a shame.
I am so excited for Zero. it seems like it’s a genuine Star Fox game, who would’ve thought? It’s great how they’re bringing back abandoned ideas for a new game. This whole thing, I just, oh.

I’m getting it two days early :smiley:

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look forward to maybe buying it

######Teh hype is reel bois

Star fox is an on-rails scifi shooter, basically you fly/drive a plane/tank on a set route where you shoot enemies to earn points or find an alternate route to the end of the level, which is usually either an on-rails boss fight or an all-range mode battle, where you can fly in any direction.
In the new game, you can transform between land and air modes, the plane turns into a walker, and the tank turns into a fat jet.

And you fight space monkeys.
And one of your teammates is a frog on helium

It’s nice to see another Star Fox game after so long. I’m a huge fan of the 64 version and… well, just that really.

And then there’s starfox adventures…

  • Shudders*

Assault was OK, from what I played.
(I had a scratched Gamestop disk that wouldn’t load past the first level.)

I’ve never played the gamecube games as I lack a gamecube. But i’ve seen footage from adventures. Ewwww

I guess Star Fox is an anime now

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The game is released internally to NOA employees today. Sadly my grades aren’t high enough so I can’t play it early. I cry

It seems like it’s a genuinely good Star Fox game. Other than the controls, I can’t see what people are upset about. Yet, of course, since I haven’t even played the game.

And I remember 64 had some tough controls, too. At least for my 7-year-old hands.