Star Wars Clone Wars VS Star Wars Rebels

Which do you feel is the better animated Star Wars series? I know both are really popular on the boards. I think it’s Clone Wars, but the Season 2 finale of Rebels is making me think twice.


After twilight of the apprentice or before. After that episode, screw clone wars, rebels is amazing. Before it, it was clone wars, though rebels was catching up but twilight of the apprentice was like the quantum leap. It more than met my expectations, it exceeded them. Maul is beast, the man just can’t die :slight_smile:

That’s fan service for you, but I personally think they implemented him really well, so he didn’t seem shoehorned in. I’m interested to know how he got away from Sidious

To be honest, I haven’t seen rebels. I do like the Clone Wars series, and from what I understand, the Clone Wars show was able to get away with more (I.E on screen deaths) Which makes me lose a little interest in the show, to be honest.

Four people have died in Rebels.
I have no preference. I prefer to think of them as equals.

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Well my interest in the show has went up a little.

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For me, it’s just a matter of quantity over quality. So that’s why I like CW better.

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They were all in season finales, but they were all on-screen.
There were some off screens, too, but most of those characters had little impact on the overall story.

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I prefer clone wars, but that season finale of rebels was incredible.


Hopefully this topic doesn’t get as bad as it could–apparently, the feud between the fans is pretty bad on this issue…

Personally, I prefer Rebels, as I’ve always liked contained, character-driven stories. TCW did an excellent job portraying a large-scale war, but it left me feeling as though there was a lack of characters I actually cared for. I knew where most of the main cast was going to end up, so there wasn’t much of an element of concern. Ahsoka, Rex, Ventress, and the other popular clones were really the only main characters we were worried about. Nonetheless, towards the end of the show, it was clearly a great and masterful series.

Rebels doesn’t deserve half the hate it has gotten. Sure, it’s aimed at a younger audience, but the writing and structure is just as cohesive as TCW. I mean, how can you justify lauding one show while you also disparage another show helmed by the same team? Saying “it’s too kiddy” is hardly a satisfactory argument, and the latter half of Season 2 (particularly the finale) shows that the show can easily grow into something with broader appeal.

Now, Rebels has flaws, yes…there are many filler episodes and a dearth of extended arcs, but those are really minor. However, we do need more time to get to know the background characters–Sabine in particular, as we know very little about her.

In closing, I regard both shows as equally representative of Star Wars, just different aspects of it. They’re both way better than the prequels, and they’ve created a base for new fans to flock to apart from the films and more available than comics, which is great.

P.S. Don’t anyone tell me Ezra is annoying–I shall fight thee! (Plus, I can combat that claim with two words…Anakin Skywalker)


I think that both are something I wouldn’t watch, because I haven’t.

Tried watching Clone Wars, but just couldn’t do it…

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Actually around 100, some uncomfirmed.

Clone Wars has a death count just over 75,560

By death count, Star Wars Clone Wars is the winner.

Edit: Around 1,000 to 5,000. Forgot about Star Destroyers being blown up.


Never really watched either.

But if I was put into a room and made to choose between watching CW or Rebels, I would probably chose Rebels , but that’s only because I have a bias towards the original trilogy and James Earl Jones’s heavenly voice!

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Well, I’m saying named characters, on screen.

So that’ll be 7-8 characters, not including storm troopers and unnamed Phoenix team mates.

For some reason I got into a habit of keeping a death count. It’s eerily satisfying. Just sitting there watching the show and tallying down every single death. I tried to do it with Bionicle.

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Who were the non-inquisitors who died?

The two empire goons stationed to watch over Lothal. They were the first deaths on the show. Can’t remember their names.
Grand Inquisitor
Minister Tua
One named Phoenix squad member who was eaten alive during a trip to place a water sensor at the current rebels base.
The three inquisitors in the season 2 finale. One could probably just have broken legs.

Not counting Ashoka yet, because it hasn’t been confirmed.

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I’m 90 percent sure Ahsoka isn’t dead.

It’s hard to tell really. We see her walking into the sith temple, but it’s highly unlikely Vader would just let her leave. Especially since she’s part of the blame as to why Anakin is alone.

There was a massive explosion, in which I believe that they were knocked in two separate directions.

Perhaps, I guess we won’t know until season 3.

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