Star Wars Forces Of Destiny

Lucasfilm just announced a new canon animated mini-series apparently focusing on the female heroines of the Star Wars saga. What do you guys think?

Personally, I’m really hyped for this. I’m a huge sucker for more Clone Wars-era content (Matt Lanter and Ashley Eckstein are back as Anakin and Ahsoka! Whooo!). It’s also going to be awesome to see more backstory on other characters like Jyn and Mahz.


It looks promising, dunno what else to think of it though.

I’m sure the comment section is filled with rational people who are either excited for this show or at least give legitimate criticism for it.



I’m not sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, I get it. Female empowerment, giving kids female heroes, etc. And I genuinely like each of these characters and I’m excited to see even more of them. But just focusing on female heroes? I’ll be honest and admit that I can’t seem to find a rational reason behind my distaste for this. I guess for me it’s the same way that just having all male leads is bad; you want to mix it up, have equal representation.

But, I’ve had enough of rambling about that. I’m really excited to see what we get from this. Have they said anything about how this will be released? (I’m hoping for a web series, I want to be able to watch it.)


Seems interesting…I’ll probably give them a watch when they come out.

Possible Rebels spoilers in the tags:

Apparently one of them is supposed to be about Hera Syndulla teaming up with Leia and Han on Endor, which would confirm that Hera survives up to ROTJ


Ooh, that’s exciting. It would be cool if they used this to retroactively add Rebels characters into the original trilogy.

Lets go guys. Clone wars stuff.

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It seems interesting, but I have a problem that’s too political for this.

All of my statements I could make on this have already been said - it’s just another massive chance for Disney to stereotype their female characters a few steps further. As if they weren’t that way to begin with…

Now, if I’m wrong and this show would actually give some unique characteristics to each of the cast, that would be incredible, but given this is made by the same people who designed several of the characters who we’re going to be seeing, I don’t think it’s likely.

I honestly don’t mind all this girl power stuff. Star Wars needs more female fans anyways.

What isn’t good is those hideous dolls they’re releasing with this.

They really, really don’t look good. Especially Sabine. The site I got these from says they look good, but uh…

what have they done to you Chewie?



Huh. This sounds pretty interesting.

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For those saying it’s just going to be females, it isn’t. It’s meant to coincide with the release of the dolls aimed at girls with girl characters. As the series goes on you’ll get to see plenty of male characters, I’m sure.

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Looks like it could be good, I know some people are going to get whiny about it though.

Wait if there are going to be Lego sets of this show, that means we’ll probably get mini-dolls of Star Wars characters.

I have looked into the abyss…

Originally, I didn’t really like the idea of DC Superhero Girls-style Star Wars thing, but after talking it over with a friend and learning about the Hera thing and all the returning actors, I’ve warmed up to it.

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What are these? They look like Hasbro tried to combine action figures and dolls and failed miserably.


I’d assume that is exactly what happened.

Anyway, these seems interesting enough. I don’t care one way or another, but I’m glad for those who are looking forward to it.

I bet you, if you go on a Facebook post all of the comments are going to be “Ahh no they’re appealing to the feminists!”

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From the article linked in the topic post:

You don’t think many of the newer Star Wars female characters have unique characteristics?

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They really don’t. They have some unique quirks, but in the character development department, they really fall behind. Hopefully Disney can prove themselves better than that.