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I think the characters who could have worked more as the main villains after Snoke would be the Knights of Ren themselves. Like imagine if they were the ones who pushed for Kylo to go futher into the Dark side via group pressure. The fact that they haven’t had much of an important role ro the trilogy other than showing up in a vision once, kinda makes them mysterious and thus could have worked in revealing them as the true villains of the ST, with Snoke being their puppet without knowing it.

That was partially a joke, tho if somebody big in SW would post a poll on Twitter thousands would vote.
I am fully aware that that would be only a small sample of the whole fanbase, tho.

The spoiler tags around it should’ve tipped me off. :rolling_eyes: That’s on me for being dumb.

An interesting thing to think about nonetheless.


It sure is.

I hated Snoke in TFA, loved him in TLJ. I wonder what I’ll think of him in this movie? Oh, wait…

I guess you could make the argument that Snoke was never technically a Sith. But yeah, other than being more lively than the Emperor (and also not a human and also in a bathrobe), your argument is valid.

I disagree. It’s a callback scene, but handled incredibly differently from RotJ. Rey never gave any sign of temptation, Kylo never showed heroism. It ended poorly, compared to Darth Vader’s betrayal.

Rey and Kylo both thinking the other will turn, the big bad dying thanks to the small bad, the death of the isolated teacher figure, the destruction of a massive Star Destroyer.


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I agree that they could have been interesting, especially since the upcoming issue of the new Kylo Ren comic series revealed that the Knights of Ren actually are not Luke’s other students, as we all once believed, but in fact existed prior to Ben’s fall. The info we’re receiving about them is just too little, too late, but they could have been so much more…

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The first reviews for Rise of Skywalker have just started to appear… and they aren’t great.

Does that surprise you?

Poor JJ has to try and fix the mess his predecessor left for him, and there’s only so much he can do. If you break a vase, you can glue it back together, but it’ll never be the same.

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I read a review that said that Rise of Skywalker makes Last Jedi look awesome.

And I read another about its major problems, none of which were related to how Last Jedi went.

At least the Mandalorian will be here for me when this is all over.

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I guess I’ll have to wait for netflix and see it for myself.

To be honest though, if JJ can manage to make a decent move from the wreckage of TLJ, I’ll have a new level of respect for him as a director.

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That same review said that TLJ would have been a more appropriate ending for the trilogy than RoS

I guess people are just so concerned with making a final Star Wars movie big that they forget that Star Wars movies are more than just “a checklist” (quoting the review there). It tries to pull everything together but forgets what they’re leaving out. 8 movies can’t fit into 1. I hear the entire movie feels like it is set in fast-motion, and I definitely see that in the sneak peek, so I wonder just how this is going to work out…

Well, I guess I should actually watch the movie. If it’s true that it ties the movies all together, any mention of prequel content will get me hype.


The last director, (Rian, I believe) left things in such a mess at the of TLJ, I’m not quite sure how JJ is supposed to pick up the peices.

I mean, unless she’s CGI’d in, there’s no satisfying way to explain Leia’s presence, or lack thereof, in ROS.

The resistance is in shambles, and it would easily take 2 or 3 movies for them to even get to the point the Rebellion was against the Empire.

Not to mention others, but these 2 are the most glaring issues JJ has to solve.

There’s no way he’s going to be able to do it well in 1 movie. I could be wrong, and we’ll all be pleasantly surprised, but I doubt it.

I am genuienly afraid right now.

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From what I heard, she appears in the movie via unused footage from TFA, and it works quite well according to the movie review I saw.

Ah. Okay. Though I do hope they kill her off, as callous as that sounds.

They should have done it in the last move, but that didn’t happen, and if she survives this movies, it could cause problems going forward.

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Have fun with that wait considering everything Disney is going to be off Netflix by the end of the year and on Disney+ from now on… :joy:


Darn! Forgot about that!

The First Order is still pretty universally hated. The Resistance did mention having allies in the Outer Rim.

I wish they would have pulled a 3-hour movie like Endgame. That would have been fun.

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I still say that the best ending, imo, is for Kylo to have turned, and he joins forces with the resistance, causing a schism in the Forst order, a portion goes with kylo, and a portion goes with Phasma and Hux, and an epic galactic clash ensues.

Because, right now, there’s a power vacuum, the New Republic is gone, and, di the only galactic powers left are, (presumably) the Hutt Cartel, and the First Order. Someone has to fill it.

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