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I couldn’t find any topic specifically about this, so I decided to make it myself. If this was made already and I didn’t notice, feel free to move it.
We are in 2019, so I guess it’s the right time to start speculating about the upcoming Star Wars: Episode IX. (With no official title yet). The movie is supposed to hit theaters December 19.
After the supposed “mess” that TLJ left behind, the SW fan base has kinda been divided. Some fans still appreciate the new movies, others have quit SW because of it. The third and final movie of the sequel trilogy is very close.
In my opinion, I think this movie has potential and it could turn out great. It might fix the problems that that the fans didn’t like, or it might just make the matters worse. The only thing we can do as for now is speculate.
Speaking of speculation, TLJ left us a hint at the end of the movie:

Fans who didn’t hate TLJ have speculated about this little boy since TLJ first came out. What will be his role? We don’t know. What I personally think is that this boy will be trained by Rey and become a Jedi himself. The Force seems strong in him…
What I also can predict is that this movie will not make as much money at the box-office as the others. We already saw what happened with Solo, and the same thing can happened (in a lesser extent) with Episode IX.
What do you think? Will the final movie of the Sequel Trilogy satisfy the fans or leave them even more disappointed then TLJ? Share your thoughts and speculations!


A random kid to show that this galaxy is more than just our protagonists.


Personally, I’m not excited.
TLJ was horrible IMHO, and Disney has basically been destroying the entire franchise.
I’m probably only going to watch it to watch Disney fail, and then laugh at them.
Sorry if this sounds harsh to any Pro-disney people, but this is what I am feeling right now.


I have faith in this movie.
A lot of faith.


episode ix will either make or break the trilogy
if it’s anything less than god tier i will be forever disappointed in how disney handled the sequel trilogy

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JJ Abrams is A good director, granted I prefer Ryan Johnson’s style, but nonetheless I have faith in 9, as long as it’s not 6 again.


I really haven’t like this trilogy so far, so I really don’t care too much about this movie. If it’s good, than great, if it’s bad, than I won’t really care that much.


How can you prefer his style? What was good about it?


I no joke hope he’s meaningless until the last five minutes or something. Blagg (I believe that’s his name) couldn’t fit into the story well without some genius planning… no, that’s it.

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For starters I hate JJ’s mystery box philosophy. And Rian Johnson made tlj stand up as it’s own movie, not just part of a trilogy like episodes 1, 2, and arguably 7 and 6 are. With there being beautiful settings like Crait(as @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister mentioned) to canto bight. Along with turning Kylo Ren from a whiny Vader wannabe to his own unique and intimidating villian.


I doubt that. The main trilogy has a greater box office draw than the anthologies. Additionally, Episode IX will come roughly 1.5 years after the last Star Wars movie, whereas Solo came less than half a year after The Last Jedi. This, and the fact that Solo had an overall less appealing premise, led to its unusually low performance.


The art team handled settings. Also it sure stood out, but not in a good way. And it was in no way a standalone movie, the entire opening hinges on episode 7. And if anything, TLJ made Kylo even more whiney and wimpy, the only thing he did not fuled by childish rage was kill Snoke, which was a bad movie move anyway.


My Spidey-Sense is telling me yet another TLJ argument will ensue…

There are three things I want from this movie:

A: To not have Lando die, but Leia instead.

B: To have an alien character besides Chewbacca that actually matters.

C: For it not to be so awfully controversial! I’m sicking of debating the actions of characters I don’t even like, but agree with!

A Twi’lek or Mon Calamari cameo would be nice


Well said

I want the movie to not screw the franchise up anymore than it already is.

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They did, according to the director’s wishes.

The only part that truly hinges on 7 is Rey meeting Luke, but that’s given enough context with their dialogue to stand on it’s own.

Really? The only times he shows uncontrollable anger is when he destroys his mask and when he confronts Luke(who being the catalyst for his fall makes his reaction here make sense.)

Snoke was a poor palpatine analog. I for one am glad he’s gone, it gives Kylo more room to develop past the series’ Vader surrogate.


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It would take a miracle from Heaven at this point

I’m not, I liked Snoke…

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It really would.
Let’s hope 9 is that miracle.

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There will be no clear and concise conclusion drawn as a whole by the fanbase on this movie. Those who have written off the Sequel Trilogy will nitpick it to death even if it turns out to be an excellent film. Those who love the Sequel Trilogy and can’t find any faults (of which there are many, but ignorance is bliss I suppose) with it will love the film no matter what.

I can only hope that whatever potential backlash there is toward this movie isn’t as outrageous as Episode VIII’s was. Honestly, the people who were offended by the film have only themselves to blame for hyping it up. I’ve been skeptical of all four of the current Disney Star Wars films and have been either pleasantly surprised or blown away depending on which one we’re talking about. To quote Tobias Beckett: “There’s a lesson to be learned here.”

No matter the response, I am a firm believer that

Despite its faults, Episode VIII set up IX to be potentially the best Star Wars film of all time. Kylo is (hopefully) doing his own, new thing with the First Order, the Resistance is broken more than the Rebel Alliance ever was, which means new and interesting allies could be brought into the fray, along with some old favorites.

Another good thing about VIII (and to a lesser extent VII), despite it’s flaws, is that most of the plot points from Episodes IV-VI have been rehashed already. The only thing left for them to repeat is a final confrontation between our heroes and villains (which is of course happening again, but it’s the end of the trilogy, so you can’t necessarily complain about that being a repeat) and the “technology is defeated by nature” allegory.

The Jabba’s Palace plot point was sort of combined with Cloud City for the Canto Bight sequence in TLJ, and of course the throne room showdown has already happened. Having Ren and Rey duke it out in another throne room in IX would be stupidly repetitive, and I don’t think they’re going to go there. I doubt there’s going to be a Starkiller Base II for them to have to blow up, if anything, it might be the Resistance laying siege to the First Order’s capital, or vice versa. There might be some infiltration shenanigans, but that happens often enough in both the films and TV shows, you can’t say they’re redoing a plotpoint from VI with that.

The only thing I’m really worried about is the “nature vs. technology” allegory. We’ve seen that twice in the films with the Gungans and Ewoks book ending the original six films, so we certainly don’t need to see it again. If anything, Rey might use the Force to turn the tide of battle instead of simply defeating Ren with a lightsaber, which would sorta be that, but it’s different enough I’ll accept it.

When Episode IX comes out, it’s going to be interesting to see how well the trilogy as a whole turns out. It’s clear they had no plan since they allowed Rian Johnson to throw out whatever treatments JJ and crew had for VIII and IX. If they had a plan, they probably wouldn’t have let him just throw out their treatments (unless his was waaaaaay better than whatever they had). Hopefully they’ll nail the landing, and I have faith that they will. No matter what happens though, it’ll still probably be a lesson on “How Not to Make a Movie Trilogy When You KNOW It’s Going to be a Trilogy”.


iirc no one had any plans for the sequel trilogy

The biggest thing I didn’t like about TLJ is that it repeated the Throne Room Scene. Other then that, I loved the movie.
What I would want from Episode IX:

  • No more repeating scenes. I want this to be it’s own unique movie not just a modern episode VI remake discuised in episode IX.
  • No more stupid controveses.
  • Develop Kylo Ren as a good and memorable character.
  • Use the Broom Boy in a way that he is a great memorable character.
  • If can’t be good for all fans, at least be good for most of the fans.